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Trip Report: Dec 2019

2020.06.18 20:43 littleashhley Trip Report: Dec 2019

Hi everyone! I started writing this a few months ago and never got around to finishing it.
This was our (husband and I) third trip to Japan and it was for our honeymoon. We generally don’t plan too much for our travels, but this time we did a few dinner reservations, stayed at some nice hotels, and went to Disney Sea.
I made a very loose itinerary that we didn't really follow. haha I feel like it's more of a place for us to keep track of reservations, days friends can hangout, and accommodations. Besides that it's sort of a free for all.
Booked an airbnb in Shibuya for the duration of our time. We stayed here the previous year and although small and a bit cramp it has an amazing location and the owner is very nice and accommodating. It’s between Lawson's and 7-11, on a pretty quiet street (except Friday and Saturday), and next to the cutest curry place.
WBF Hotel Namba Nippombashi
Just like our Airbnb we stayed here last year on a trip to Osaka. It’s a fairly new business hotel so the interiors are quite modern. This year the front desk staff spoke more english, but I thought it was easier to communicate in my (limited) Japanese. They gave us a corner room so there was a big chunk of space to put things and open the carry-on we brought along. Something interesting is they have a shampoo/conditioner station by the front desk where you can pick which ones you want to use during your stay. TIP: they have a free ‘club’ that you can join where you receive points and perks. One of the perks is early check in/late check out!
Update: They have recently filed for bankruptcy, not sure if some/all locations will close ):
Andaz Tokyo
We booked this last minute because we saw an offer we couldn’t refuse. It’s located in Toranomon Hills in a predominantly financial area so while we were there (Fri-Sun) it was pretty dead. I didn’t mind it too much, the nearest train station is a few minutes away. The inside of the place gives a very modern cool vibe. The check in is at long wooden tables and they offer drinks then will show you to your room. We got upgraded to a room with a Tokyo Tower View and it was amazing. The bed was comfortable, the space was very big, and everyone was very hospitable. I loved the little travel guide they had for fun things to do surrounding the hotel.
Park Hyatt Tokyo
From the moment we pulled up until we left, there were no words to express how hospitable everyone was. I knew Japanese hospitality is next level, but this was something I had never experienced before. Some say the interiors are outdated, but I found it to have a classic style. The room was large, a nice view of Tokyo, everyone so nice and accomidating. I felt like we could ask them for anything and they would try their best. Short walk to Shinjuku Station and across from a park, it was a pretty quiet area.
Day 1 - Tokyo
Day 2 - Tokyo / Osaka
Day 3- Osaka
Day 4- Osaka / Tokyo
Day 5 - Shibuya / Koenji
Day 6 - Shibuya / Ginza / Shibuya / Harajuku
Day 7 - Ginza / Shibuya
Day 8 - Tokyo
Day 9 - Omotesando / Harajuku
Day 10 - Ueno, Shinjuku, Shibuya
Day 11 - Disney Sea / Naka Meguro
Day 12 - Shinjuku / Nakano
Day 13 -
Day 14- Narita
Other Notes!
Photos from the trip
All in all it was another amazing trip to Japan! If you have any questions feel free to ask (:
Oh and if you’re all interested, I could do an album for food as I took pictures of pretty much everything I/we ate.
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2020.02.21 03:54 DmetaNextWeek Shiny GMAX Grimmsnarl - Non HA

Shiny GMAX Grimmsnarl - Non HA
EDIT: Turns out, Pickpocket IS the hidden ability. I swear it was Prankster. Welp. Can't change the title now.

Hey guys! Got my first shiny den today, and reset until I got GMAX Grimmsnarl! Sadly not HA, but I figured I'd still share.
Friend Code: SW-2545-8404-6608, Switch name: Drood, IGN: Spencer
GMAX Grimmsnarl - Star Shiny
LV: 56
Ability: Pickpocket
Nature: Careful
Stats: 31/x/31/31/0/31

NEW CODE: 3816 *Subject to Change in the future*

LAST ONE FOR THE NIGHT GUYS. Congrats to those who got one, and for those who didn't, I'm looking to host this again tomorrow morning, 2/22 from 8am-10am CST. No promises, I might forget or just not wake up, but I'll try to accomidate for those that had 10+ tries and never got it.
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2017.02.20 22:11 aatencio91 [Closer Look]: Signups!

Free agency is just over 2 weeks away so it's time to get rolling with our Free Agency edition of the Closer Look series! This will work on a first come, first served basis. We'll be going off of our preliminary list thread that has been stickied for a week. If you don't see a free agent that you think should be on the list, you should've participated in the thread sometime in the past week! Seriously though, if you think someone is missing from this list, state your case and you'll be signed up to do a write-up on the player.
Without further ado:
Player Writer date
Calais Campbell, Defensive End aatencio91 3/7
Tyson Alualu, Defensive Tackle xMutekix 3/18
Nick Fairley, Defensive Tackle gwalstad 3/16
Dontari Poe, Defensive Tackle m4xdc 3/8
Riley Reiff, Left Tackle JELLO239 3/6
Larry Warford, Guard gingeraffe 3/13
Dont'a Hightower, Inside Linebacker my-shuggah 3/2
Kawaan Short, Defensive Tackle FRANCHISE TAGGED BY
Rick Wagner, Right Tackle Mister_Jay_Peg 3/3
Brandon Williams, Defensive Tackle baron32191
Bennie Logan, Defensive Tackle ilovenachos54 3/4
TJ Lang, Guard Mister_Jay_Peg 3/5
Ronald Leary, Guard -R3DF0X 3/10
Tony Romo, Quarterback cruegthechamp 3/9
Johnathan Hankins, Defensive Tackle amirlite 3/14
Victor Cruz, Wide Receiver captainduck2 3/12
William Gholston, Defensive Tackle SIGNED BY TAMPA BAY 3/17
Cordarelle Patterson, Wide Receiver aatencio91 3/15
Danny Woodhead, Running Back BlindManBaldwin 3/11
Russell Okung, Left Tackle s460 3/1
Here is a format example. Although this example is from our Draft edition, the same format will do for the Free Agency edition. Give us the player's measurables (age, height, weight, position) and former team, and give us your opinion on how you think the player would (or wouldn't) fit with our team.
Thanks for your participation! -Aatencio91
EDIT: as signups come to a close, this list will double as our hub post and as our schedule. Thank you all for helping to make this happen!
EDIT 2: The schedule is out! If you have issues with it, let me know and I will do my best to accomidate you. A million thanks to BlindManBaldwin for creating the schedule for me. I ended up being swamped when I said I'd have the schedule out and he bailed me out.
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2016.02.16 00:22 ophereon Ewryn

Name of Nation/Claim: Ewryn (/ˈɛʊ̯ˌɾɘn/)
Location on Map: Ewryn constitutes the island off the south-west coast of the mainland. Ewryn is a temperate oceanic island, with mild seasons throughout the year.
Capital: Mawta (/ˈmɐʊ̯ˌtɐ/), colours: blue and yellow, and sometimes white.
Dominant ethnic group: Ewwa (/ˈɛʊ̯ˌwɐ/)
Language: Ewwalla tentative name (/ˈɛʊ̯.wɐˌdɮɐ/)
Religion: Animism
Origins: A group of Ewwa communes founded by the eastern Ewwa, who settled there to claim spawning ground where they could live without having to fight for their land.
The Ewwa are an odd humanoid species, appearing as some sort of mer-satyr. The Ewwa are a semi-aquatic species, who use the sea as a hunting ground. They are omnivores, living primarily off of plants (both from the land and sea) as well as fish and other seafood. They have hooved, digitigrade legs, covered in reasonably dense fur not dissimilar to that of an otter, although the their lower legs and forearms also contain retractable flukes that aid them in swimming (capable of reaching a burst speed of 30km/h). Similar to Satyrs, their upper bodies are relatively human-like, with a torso similar to that of a man, although their forearms are covered in fur, and they have naturally black fingernails. Their backs contain two retractable wing-like dorsal fins, which strengthen their swimming abilities, as well as a small goat tail. Their heads are somewhere between that of a human and a goat, much like that of a Satyr. They have horns of varying size and shape and forward-facing pointed ears.
I wish I could draw them, but my drawing skills are effectively non-existant.
Government: The Ewwa exist primarily in a large communes, with every Ewwa working together to produce food and resources for their community. They typically divide themselves into tribal groups which act as large families, often doing many activities together. The communes on Ewryn elect a council to bring stability and progression to the community. The council works to efficiently manage resources and labour so that the Ewwa can achieve peace and prosperity. Work is typically delegated by "labour-sessions", where all working Ewwa are given a task for the day (e.g. gather x-amount of fish), with tasks being given to those deemed most suited for carrying them out.
Beyond the councils, there is little societal hierarchy. Most Ewwa are labourers of some sort, although some older ones serve as priests, who focus on teaching and magic-research. Within the council, a chancellor is often chosen by the people to be a figurehead for the commune who is tasked with attending an assembly between the chancellors of each commune, who work together to address the needs of the union of communes.
Culture: The Ewwa are very animistic, worshipping no gods other than the forces of nature (e.g. the land, the sea, the winds, the sun, etc.). Their societies are largely magic-focused, many Ewwa are capable of at least basic magic, with each commune having a priest as a magic advisor and teacher. Technologically they focus on magic-enhanced crude tools, working largely with stone, wood, clay, and other abundant resources. To stay up to speed with other civilisations, the council send explorers to the mainland to gather intelligence. Through this, they have managed to acquire technologies such as metallurgy. They are very social and welcoming to visitors (as few as they get), and usually quite peaceful. Despite this, they have a strong martial tradition, particularly focused on the hunt, and although they have no discrete military, their focus on magic accompanied with their martial prowess means that any group of Ewwa are more than capable of defending themselves.
They are economically quite strong, being able to so efficiently find the basic resources needed for their survival, they can devote time to producing and procuring luxury resources that they can use for trade. These include things such as jewellery, clothing, as well as excess weapons and tools. Some Ewwa spend excess time on academic pursuits, working with the priests and striving to further the magical and technological prowess of their community.
While they are accomidating and welcoming to visitors, the Ewwa maintain some xenophobic predisposition due to the nature of their communities. It is difficult for a non-Ewwa to live in a commune, except as a guest, so those that stay for an extended period of time are usually expected to contribute in some way (either through research or trade).
The Ewwa on Ewryn have one common language, Ewwatla, which has a unique writing system. Writing is an important part of Ewic society, being used to log resources and events. All Ewwa learn to write during their education. Their education also provides them with a range of other academic and physical training. They believe that a well educated populace is important in maintaining order and prosperity in their society.
There exist western Ewwa in the islands further west, however these Ewwa are not as politically unified, living mostly in village units, and are slightly behind technologically. Being so far from the mainland, these Ewwa focus on living life comfortably and happily, without concern for staying up-to-date or worrying about visitors. These islands have more of an oceanic climate, and are slightly cooler than Ewryn.
bonus Language: Ewwalla is an active language that marks sentence constituents by their thematic relationships and typically follows an SOV ordering for basic sentences. An example of this is:
Gaw -yr zay -a wy dzu
kɐʊ̯ ɘɾ zɐɪ̯ dzuː
man agent woman patient PST kiss
'The man kissed the woman.'
Pronouns: Pronouns exist on a matrix of person and theme, for example the agentive first-person singular is "jo". There are also pronouns for the patientive, dative, and genitive, as well as sub-matrix for person including first, second, and third person with singular, dual, plural inclusive, and plural exclusive.
bilab. lab-den alveol. palat. glott.
m n
(p) b (t) d (k) g ʔ
(f) v (s) z (ç) ʝ h
(tɬ) dɮ
Ewwalla consonants are typically voiced, but are unvoiced at the beginning of an utterance or when following a glottal stop.
f f-m m m-b b
i u
e ɘ ʊ
ɛ ɐ
I think that's everything? If I've overlooked something, let me know, and I can patch it up a bit!
Edit: I'm thinking that Ewryn would primarily be a trading nation? Probably interacting with the mainland through commerce and trade and the like.
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2013.07.02 23:43 capawsome I'm Dutch expat looking to study in the Netherlands looking for advice/info.

I'm a Dutch national who is currently in South Africa working towards getting my Bsc and I expect to graduate around 2014/2015.
I have a rough idea what I want to specialise in and where I would like to do it(Den Haag or Delft). I have also already read up on the program requirements, and understand them well.
However I know very little about how education works in the Netherlands/EU and I have no idea where to start reading up on that stuff.
So my question really is; Where should I begin looking in order to get more informed on goverment and tertiary policies/laws that I can benifit from once I start studing? (ie financial support, accomidation, transport)
Any 1st hand tips would also be welcome :D
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There are more attractions per square metre in The Hague than anywhere else in the Netherlands. For more information on any of the places in this video inclu... 01. Jim Ollterton, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, Visits #theCUBE!. (00:18) 02. Tell Us About Your Role At Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District. (00:43) 03. What's Happening With ... By Liliana (student ambassador) Are you considering studying and living in The Hague? Student Ambassador Liliana from Cape Verde shows us around her city, he... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Verbringen Sie doch in unserem Wellnesshotel in Wernigerode mal einen Wellnesstag oder stöbern Sie in den Wellnessangeboten und verbringen günstig einen Kurzurlaub bei uns. Category People & Blogs Top 10 Places to Visit in the South of France Subscribe: Thanks to Getty Images for the pictures and videos! Want more incredible c... This is video response to so many requests to see what a common living quarters on the ship looks like. This is just a short video to show my room on a Maers... welp, here we go! my thoughts and first impressions on the Tati Beauty Blendiful blending puff! I give tea, first impressions and thoughts on Tati Westbrook’... JUST OPENED!! 85 SITES WITH FULL HOOKUPS AND FREE WI-FI. ALL PULL-THRU PARK ACCOMIDATING BIG RIGS. 252-535-7000. EXIT 171 IN NORTH CAROLINA NEAR THE VIRGINIA BORDER. LOCATED LESS THAN 1 MILE FROM ... I do NOT own the clips in this video.