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Chatty Broads Recap (if you care!😊)

2020.12.02 19:02 oliviaaivilo06 Chatty Broads Recap (if you care!😊)

I was interested in recapping this week’s podcast specifically since this episode focused more on Zac. And anyone who listens to Chatty Broads is aware of Bekah’s blatant distaste for Zac. So I had to hear her thoughts after this episode. Sorry if it’s too long! Also anything with the ✨are my opinions added while I was listening. Just want to clarify
✨Maybe not the best choice given the climate, but I digress. It could’ve been innocuous.
Beginning of Episode
Zac one on one
✨My goodness she’s being so childish and mean. Please let it go girl. It’s not funny, edgy, or quirky to hate on an innocent person after multiple people have told you to lay off because its so unwarranted. It’s low-key getting into bullying territory. It’s very immature on her part (in my opinion)
✨ I will note that while Bekah is saying this, off to the side Jess says “you’re just not attracted to him”. Which I believe is the truly the reason for Bekah’s irrational dislike of him. But she’s not self aware enough to admit it( in my opinion). I really don’t think she’d be expressing such disgust toward a man if she found him attractive. She literally can’t even explain why she thinks he’s so weird or creepy to her. She doesn’t have an actual reason. If she isn’t personally attracted to them, then she just “doesn’t get it”.
Back at the house
Group Date
Side convo
Night portion of date
Eazy Date
Next day
Noah vs Bennett
✨It’s honestly kinda funny
The ending
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2020.12.02 16:31 blue_eyed_soul 33 [M4F] Canada / international - Do you have a 'thing' for white guys?!

Yes! I know this is totally a problematic question to ask - but here we are on reddit and i'm asking it anyways! And besides - I know these types of girls exist, and, even more so - you opened this post!
So even if it's not something you'll admit openly, I still think it's positive to get to talk about it out in the open in a place like this!
And it's one thing to type it out but maybe it turns out i'm just your type!
As for myself i'm your fairly typical Canadian living right smack in the middle of a metropolitan city. My biggest hobbies are making music with my friends and heading out to local shows and concerts, soaking up the culture and meeting people. I'm also really into museums and galleries and vibing on that city experience.
but let's be real I haven't been doing a lot of that these days! These days i've been spending a lot more time in the kitchen exploring new recipes and love learning new ones! this yes I took a crack at Bahn Mi, Mapo Tofu and Jollof rice - and i've been ordering a lot of jerk chicken :D
I like meeting people with different lived experiences and think it's positive to connect over difference - whether you're one block over or half way around the world!
I am a 6 foot tall lanky urban white dude. Broad shoulders, blue eyes.
Looking for a girl for Online chats and flirts with possible lowkey hangouts, coffee and beer dates and occasional gallery visits.
My likes: Performing, music, weird movies, Blanket forts, exotic food, looking at bugs and birds and other pretty animals.
My skills: Cooking, canoodling, bikes with no hand, excellent smoocher. Cartoon voices. Silly jokes.
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2020.12.02 13:45 staffdaddy420 Got my heart broken and I couldn’t be happier

Weird title and way too long of a post but yeah need to get this off my chest.
Quick backstory but when I was 20 I started slowly getting depressed and gained a lot of weight and lost every drop of confidence I had. Which in turn killed any desire to try dating for about 3 years. I just kind of went through the motions in life not trying to entertain the idea of liking a girl bc I couldn’t bare to think about the idea of getting rejected for my body. Fast forward to now and I’m down 20 pounds since March, back to working out and eating clean regularly and am finally active and confident in myself on dating apps again.
Back to the heartbreak but Ive been talking to this girl for about a month and it was going really well. FaceTimed a bunch, met up for an awesome date where we did some light sexual stuff. I was getting good signs and thought we were kind of connecting. Was super into her personality and we had similar interests. I thought we were really starting to vibe especially with her initiating multiple FaceTimes while she was on vacation with her family last week.
Then this weekend hit and she went silent. I asked if she wanted to hang out when she got back which she brought up earlier that week and then she FaceTimed me yesterday saying she was thinking a lot and how she’s not over her ex and isn’t emotionally available and would be doing a disservice to me to continue seeing each other. She did mention getting out of a pretty serious relationship kind of recent over our first virtual date a month ago but everything that happened up until yesterday didn’t make me think that was going to be a problem.
During our closing talk she was very specific in her compliments of me when explaining how I deserved someone more emotionally available and seemed very genuine in what she was saying so that was a nice departing confidence boost. Definitely feel a bit blindsided and that I wasted my time but I think I handled the situation as mature as possible and joked to her that if she ever gets over her ex to let me know, and she thanked me for leaving that door open.
But the point is I tried again and had an experience after not trying for almost 3 whole years of my young adult life. The person who I was during that dark time would’ve let any sort of rejection linger, to start eating glutinous, to start telling myself I’m not good enough. But that’s not who I am anymore. I woke up today grateful for all of my amazing friends and family, worked my well paying job that I’m extremely fortunate to have, worked out, and had a nice healthy meal.
Yes I’m sad. Yes I’m disappointed. Yes I’m just a tad heartbroken. But that’s okay, it really is. I’m just excited to go back out there and try to get it broken again.
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2020.12.02 09:09 brattymissC 34[TF4M] Central Indiana/online Baby Bi seeking boyfriend

Hi :) I’m a baby bi who’s always been into girls but being trans has forced me to challenge everything. Better late than never right?
Anyway...I’m looking for a boyfriend. I’m married and poly. We date separately and that won’t ever change. I am an Enneagram 4w3 if you’re into that. I love psychology and personality types. And I love to have deep conversations. My main love language is physical touch and it is a deal breaker for me. I also have a very healthy libido and need someone who does also. I would say also that I’m a democratic socialist politically so I probably won’t vibe well with centrists and conservatives. I can be intense at times...I’ve had to survive all my life growing up in a small farm town. But I also love to make others laugh and smile. And I love being able to care for and love those that are close to me.
Interests: I love sports. Pretty much all of them. I like fashion and makeup. I like driving cars esp fast ones. I love to cook and am definitely a foodie. I could eat Italian food every day but not much can beat something off the grille too. I love music in most genres. Thats probably a whole discussion itself haha. I am a huge dog lover. I have 2 of my own. And I like to paint to help calm me down. Bourbon does that for me too tho lol.
Appearance: I’m 5’10-5’11 and I’m thicc/bbw. I will say I’ve been on hrt for 2.5 years and I’ve seen a lot of changes. But I don’t pass and might never considering how hard transition is. My style is a little different. Sometimes because of want to but sometimes out of necessity. There are days when I’m pretty masc tomboy and others when I’m fem and wearing dresses. And some days when I’m in between. I do have piercings and tattoos and very unique hair that surprises everyone it seems.
Quick looking for since this is a book already haha. Age doesn’t matter to me at all if we connect. But I’d like someone between 25-50. I want something serious and not casual. I’m ok with online with covid still around. I wouldn’t mind long distance for the right guy but I want to be able to see each other too. If you read ALL of this then you’re amazing! I’d love to hear from you! Let’s enjoy each other and some bourbon together. :)
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2020.12.02 06:23 staffdaddy420 Got my heart broken and it feels great

Weird title and way too long of a post but yeah need to get this off my chest.
Quick backstory but when I was 20 I started slowly getting depressed and gained a lot of weight and lost every drop of confidence I had. Which in turn killed any desire to try dating for about 3 years. I just kind of went through the motions in life not trying to entertain the idea of liking a girl bc I couldn’t bare to think about the idea of getting rejected for my body. Fast forward to now and I’m down 20 pounds since March, back to working out and eating clean regularly and am finally active and confident in myself on dating apps again.
Back to the heartbreak but Ive been talking to this girl for about a month and it was going really well. FaceTimed a bunch, met up for an awesome date where we did some light sexual stuff. I was getting good signs and thought we were kind of connecting. Was super into her personality and we had similar interests. I thought we were really starting to vibe especially with her initiating multiple FaceTimes while she was on vacation with her family last week.
Then this weekend hit and she went silent. I asked if I wanted to hang out when she got back which she brought up earlier that week and then she FaceTimed me yesterday saying she was thinking a lot and how she’s not over her ex and isn’t emotionally available and would be doing a disservice to me to continue seeing each other. She did mention getting out of a pretty serious relationship kind of recent over our first virtual date a month ago but everything that happened up until yesterday didn’t make me think that was going to be a problem.
During our closing talk she was very specific in her compliments of me when explaining how I deserved someone more emotionally available and seemed very genuine in what she was saying so that was a nice departing confidence boost. Definitely feel a bit blindsided and that I wasted my time but I think I handled the situation as mature as possible and joked to her that if she ever gets over her ex to let me know, and she thanked me for leaving that door open.
But the point is I tried again and had an experience after not trying for almost 3 whole years of my young adult life. The person who I was during that dark time would’ve let any sort of rejection linger, to start eating glutinous, to start telling myself I’m not good enough. But that’s not who I am anymore. I woke up today grateful for all of my amazing friends and family, worked my well paying job that I’m extremely fortunate to have, worked out, and had a nice healthy meal.
Yes I’m sad. Yes I’m disappointed. Yes I’m just a tad heartbroken. But that’s okay, it really is. I’m just excited to go back out there and try to get it broken again.
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2020.12.02 04:14 KadeCoyote Friendly Tips From You LVS Guy

these seem to be popular and many of you has expressed that they help and since I love to help people, I'll keep up with the vibes and make a few more.
Below is a short list of helpful tips, tricks and information to help you in your life after tobacco! Tonight I thought I would tackle the most common questions and problems I get on a daily basis that can you yourself can remedy in a pinch.
One: My mod says 'No atomizer'! Help! This is the most common issue plaguing tank based vapes I see. This usually occurs when the device is dropped, old or even after you change a coil. It seems to be a common problem with UForce, Fireluke and Smok tanks. So here is how to diagnose and fix it. First, remove the tank from the mod. If the tank is stuck on there, use a small screw driver to insert into the air flow control and use it as leverage. Next, take the tank apart. Remove the coil and set it aside, you will come back to it later. Next, clean the 510 connector on the mod. I find a cue tip to be best for this, but a napkin will work too. Be sure to get in there all nice and deep like. Next, do the same to the tank's 510 male end connector. Next comes the part that fixes the problem 95% of the time all on it's own. Take the coil and look to where it has threads. On the bottom of the coil you will see where the body of the coil meets a rubber isolator and on the other side of it, more metal. It will look like it can be pulled out and some times even be gold in color. This is the positive connection for the coil and often it becomes dislodged or pressed too far in to make a connection. wiggle this connector out ever so slightly. Don't worry if you pull it out, it can be reinserted. Once you have done this put the tank back together on the mod. Screw in the base of the tank to the mod, followed by the coil, then glass and lastly the top. Always work in this order and you will avoid plenty of issues that you might not have seen coming. If you do this and you are still having issues, visit your LVS and explain your problem and what you have tried. If they immediately suggest a new mod without even touching it, Leave! Go to another shop.
Two: Why do my coils not last!? Why do they burn out so quickly!? There is no one answer to this question. But there are in fact answers! The first reason is the juice itself. E-liquid is made up of PG, VG, Nic and Flavorings. Some flavorings are naturally bitter and need to be sweetened before consumption, some more so than others. Because of this some complex blends of flavors or certain flavors in general need more sweetener than most. Also, some companies over sweeten to gain a unique profile of flavor. More sweetener will deplete a coil faster. Think about that video where they boil down coke-cola. You coil is doing that all day, every day. This is why coils turn black or brown when they are burned out. Flavors like Lip Candy from Fortified have almost no sweeteners and coils last for weeks, Flavors like Betty from Pin Up will rock out a coil in 3 days. The second reason is Coil design. Some coils can be sensitive to how they are used and even what VG/PG ratio they are designed for. Coils with multiple chambers are more prone to burning out faster due to their design. Coils with excessive wicking distance ( the distance the e-liquid has to travel from the outside edge of the cotton to the coil's heating element). Coils like the latter will deplete their juice in the cotton near the heating element and have what i call a Tail End Dry Hit that you might not even notice. Lastly, The type of sweetener or base used! This one you can't just look at something and figure it out, but rather you have to try it and find out. Sweeteners like Ethyl Maltol, Sucralos or even Aspartame are found in e-liquids with the latter being easily distinguished by taste most of the time. I have found that Ethyl Maltol (alcohol based sweetener if I recall) tends to lead to longer coil life while Sucralose in large % volume tends to fry coils. It is important to remember that some flavorings are naturally sweet or can also burn up coils. Unfortunately I have not had the time to research that fully enough to provide meaningful feedback.
Three: I don't know what (insert thing here) I have/need
I have covered this before and I will never not cover it. Something that may shock someone who has vaped for a while is that on the average day I meet 5 or so people who do not know what device they have or what nic they need. When I ask I will get "Oh idk, the guy at my store always gives me what i need". this is both great and bad at the same time. On one hand, someone took the time ( i hope) to help this person and remember what they need at any given time. Thats awesome customer service! I even have clients like that myself, but I always make it a point to teach them as much as I can about their equipment for moments like these. Because of this, you should always know your device, its limits and the kind of juice/nic you need. this isn't just skim information, it's very important. If you go to a shop outside your local area and they ask "What nic would you like that in?" And you say "Ummm.... 5?". You could get 5% salt nic by accident and be in for the shock of your life when you get nic sick. I'm not talking down to anyone here, this is something that happens in my store weekly! We always start asking follow-up questions in the interest of customer safety and customer service before we reach for a bottle of 5% to be absolutely sure this does not happen, but we are not every shop and I have heard first hand accounts of this happening. The same goes for coils, although less dangerous. At the least you will have an unpleasant experience and worst, a box of coils you can't use. Either way it still sucks! At any rate, a bit of research never hurts anyone whose name wasn't Curie.
Four: Be Open! This does not just apply to going to a vape shop, but any retail setting. But I would like to think that vape shops are a little more specialized. Do not be afraid to be honest, open and vocal about what you want, like or need when you go to a vape shop. i hear "Sorry, I'm picky" About 10 times a day on average! It's fine! We get it and that's ok! To this date the record for someone picking out a juice as far as time goes in this shop is multiple days. Yes, they came back after researching it. While this is not an ideal situation, I get it. Everyone is wired differently and some are more exact than others. But do not be afraid to ask questions, ask for recommendations or prices. If you are standing in a good vape shop with a good staff, they will go out of their way to make sure you make an informed decision. I personally have a habit of giving people more information than they ask for on mods to be sure they make a sound decision. Also, never be afraid to give your LVS tech a budget you would like to stay in. It can really cut down on the chaff and help us better serve you. Again, make sure you are in a good vape shop before you do this, someplace you trust. I have put together some BALLER set up for 100.00 out the door. Mod, juice, tank and batteries that have lasted someone well over a year. All because they gave me a budget and spoke freely about what it was they wanted out of the set up.
Five: Do not listen to other customers! I might get heat for this, but for the sake of your LVS it bares mentioning. We have all been there, we all want to help others, but sometimes you can do more harm than good. I have had customers buy the wrong device, wrong nic level, wrong batteries souly on a stranger's recommendation. No matter how I explain it wont be a good idea, it still has happened. Some advice is fine, but always take it with a grain of salt, here is why. Besides the aforementioned reasons, here is the biggest one. They don't work there. They will not be the one to issue you a refund if it all goes sour. They wont be the one to fix it your issues when or if they arise. It's important to above all to find a good, trustworthy vape shop and have a solid one on one convo with one person when you are buying early on.
I hope these help Kade
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2020.12.01 18:08 survivorfan12345 Tips to This Community <3 + Need Advice

Hi everyone! I just wanted to post my experience to add to this subreddit because this community has helped me through my moderation in the last few months! Reading other people's stories can be powerful. Love you guys.
Some background: I have been smoking for ~2 years and around 1.5 years of that has been daily smoking as I have joined a fraternity (lol). It didn't really ruin my life because I was doing fine in my classes. At one random point in January this year (before covid), I realized I want to do better and just do away with the daily habit. But obviously, it was really hard because I was living in the frat. Also, it's just hard in general. Never succeeded. Never even tried.
Fast forward to this September, I started an internship and I realized I don't want to be the slacker in my team as I was working with a few students pursuing advanced degrees. So I took a 31-day t-break, which was terrible in the beginning, but I moved to a new city where I had no connections to any dealers. Starting around Day 11, I starting loving being sober again. Trust me, it's worth it. Just do it. Download Grounded. Ride through the uncomfortable feelings. I slowly became my old self and became WAY more extroverted again, being in team meetings on Mon-Thurs, calling up family and friends on the weekends, and going on dates off Tinder every 2 weeks.
I bought 1/4th after the break (found a dealer off Tinder lol) and boom, I can't stop and smoked the whole damn thing in a week, 9 days to be exact. Thankfully, I loved my sober self a lot so I took another break, this time for 3 weeks. And then, I have been doing this on-and-off thing for a few times now between Sep - Dec. Stop for a bit, buy 1/4 smoke it all. I just finished another 1/4th run, so I am planning to take a break until xmas, or when I move back to LA in January. By the way, this will be my 4th t-break and it gets easier each time. I'm on my third day and I have already 'recovered' from the crappy sleep adjustments and mindset.
I have learned a few things:
If you have read thus far, I challenge y'all to take a 2-week break. Tomorrow. Smoke your last hits tonight and do it. Challenge yourself.
Okay, I have 1 question for the experts out there haha: Why are my cravings so terrible? I just can't moderate it well. Smoking at nights is not going to work for me because I don't want to think about weed that much. I am looking to do a biweekly thing (like Friday night + Saturday smoke, Sunday sober up). Any tips on that?
Thanks for reading and have a great December. Stay safe and I hope you enjoyed this thesis! x
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2020.12.01 17:42 DefenderCone97 23 [M4F] Two strangers....on Reddit...they might message...

Hey there! So fairly simple I'm looking for someone to kill time with and connect when work gets slower..
A bit about me:
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2020.12.01 13:37 AlexIsBackAgain Confused about my identity

Hey beautiful people,
Soo, I can imagine that you get quite a few people asking these kind of questions, I apologise of it's annoying. I am just really trying to figure some things out and would like to have the perspective of someone that is aromantic, as i don't know anyone that I can ask personally about these things. I really appreciate any kind of help or advice:
To my situation: I've generally considered myself to be gay. I've been in some relationship with men and am definitely sexually attracted to them. However, as I've recently started therapy and reflected a lot on my relationships, I've discovered that I've only ever been in them because I was feeling lonely and appreciated the attention. The more I think about them, the more obvious it is to me that I've talked myself into thinking I liked these men more than I actually did because of a "I must feel something for them, I am attracted to them after all and everyone falls on love"-mentality. If I compare my feelings to these men and to very close friends of mine, all that I see is different is the physical/sexual attention I receive. I don't thing that there is a difference in platonic and romantic love for me, it's just the amount of physical attraction and attention.
I've recently had a hook-up with a friend that I am attracted to and after a night of sex, cuddling etc. I was happy and completely fine not to dive any further into it. I didn't want to take it any further because I didn't feel a need to. BUT I realised that this was exactly the point on the past where I would have talked myself into (thinking about) being romantically attracted to that guy.
Now to something that adds to my confusion. I like romance in fiction. I've seen gay relationships on telly/in books and I've cried because I thoughts it was beautiful. In reality I really don't ?vibe? With romance. Romantic gestures are weird to me. Like, I can't really work with them. I was just extremely overwhelmed whenever there was a situation where Someone did something romantic for me because it seems so far away from me (I can't really describe it better). I just feel that i have been using my past relationships because I couldn't give them what they wanted.
I go on dates but whenever I am not attracted to these guys sexually, the dates are just uninteresting.
Also, I've recently read loveless by Alice oseman and just really felt a connection with the protagonist (not sure of that's helping anyone with my scrambled explanation)
So...that's it. I know that aromanticism is a spectrum but I am just very confused whether I am on it. I am depressed and have a lot of self hate (I go to therapy for this) and don't really know if I can't feel romantically because of that or whether I am on this spectrum. I don't know whether I want relationships for more than just the attention and feeling of companionship.
Thanks for reading. Loads of love -Alex
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2020.12.01 13:01 onenightonlyhanash 24 [F4M] Be my psuedo-boyfriend....

Psuedo boyfriend: a boyfriend, who is not.
Basically, i’m just really looking for intimacy. Intimacy na you’ll find in a relationship, not just sex okay, but someone you connect with and feel comfortable to be around. It’s been a stressful year already, can we just make the last month bearable?
I’m just really looking for someone who I can flirt with, DATE, and if we vibe, let’s fuck. But please emphasis on the date or sfw meet-up. Tbh, i kinda want a boyfriend already. Scary, right? So if you’re not up for it maybe i’m not your gal.
About me:
About you:
Please don’t message: - if we chatted before and passed already - if you’re above or below the age range - if you’re outside Metro Manila - if you’re just someone horny - if you’ll chat without a comprehensive intro (i.e. Hi, Hey, Hello)
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2020.12.01 09:43 GalcomMadwell I feel emotionally wrecked by a short-lived relationship and don't know how to deal with it.

I met this girl about a month and a half ago.
She was very clear from the start that she was single and wanted to be single for a while. I was in no rush to get into a new relationship either, and we were both going on other dates.
But man... she swept me off my feet. Honestly, I thought she was one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen. But more than that, I loved every minute with her. We hit it off immediately, spent the entire first date laughing and making out, and stayed up walking around and drinking until like 3 in the morning.
And pretty much every date went like that. We'd meet up, and it just felt effortless to have a good time together. She kept saying things like how much she liked me, how she felt so connected to me even though we had only known each other a short time, etc. She said she felt like she had known me forever. We both agreed it was unusual and special.
It got to the point where dates with other people felt lifeless. They weren't... bad, exactly, my mind just kept drifting to this girl. I kept thinking I'd rather be hanging out with her, and I was starting to feel genuine butterflies, which is not something I have experienced in years.
We kept going on dates once a week for a month, and then we decided to take a day trip together to nearby town. We spent all day walking around and exploring, eating- just one of those days that felt perfect. We drove home and she came over to my place and we had sex for the first time. When she got home she sent me a bunch of texts about what a good day she'd had and how much she liked me. At that point I had started to catch serious feelings and thought it might be headed towards a relationship.
Just a few days later, she texted me to ask if I wanted to come over to her new apartment. She had literally just gotten the keys, and we made a date out of it. We went on a run to target so she could buy a vacuum and some other essentials. We picked up food and then went back to her new place, and watched a movie on her empty living room floor. We drank wine and then had sex for a couple hours.
Afterwards, she told me she could see this progressing really quickly and falling for me. I told her I was feeling the same way, but that I was totally okay taking it at any pace she was comfortable with. I just wanted to keep seeing her and getting to know her. Unprompted, she told me that she hadn't been sleeping with anyone else that she had been seeing, which I cautiously took as another sign that things might be headed towards a relationship.
The next day, she sent me the same type of bubbly and affectionate texts. And then she just abruptly... stopped. A few days later, I texted her to ask if she was free over the weekend. She gave a sorta noncommittal answer.
The next day, she sent me a text saying that she had gotten to a point where she didn't feel right dating multiple people at once. She had met someone that she felt like she should pursue, and that she was so sorry and sad because she liked me so much.
I called her after that, asking if I could meet her to talk in person. She invited me over to her place.
We talked it out for a little while. She said she had been dating this guy since before she met me. But after a little bit of talking we reverted right back to joking around, and she started cuddling me, holding my hand, and we made out again. It was super confusing.
I ended up staying at her place for like five hours, just hanging out. It felt as if nothing had happened and we were just on another date. Then the conversation eventually drifted back to the matter at hand. She told me she wanted to be with someone who believes in Jesus (I am not religious, religion had come up a few times in our conversations across our dates, but she had seemed very open to who I was and where I was at.)
I asked her if she was sure this is what she wanted and she said yes, and started crying. We talked a bit more and then we hugged and kissed one last time and I left.
That was a few days ago. I've never known someone for such a short time and felt like I got my heart ripped out like this. And the way it ended, with all the affection and laughter, was just emotionally confusing.
I've had dating situations fizzle out before, but there was always a clear like "yeah I get why this isn't working" vibe. It was easy not to have hard feelings about those situations. I've also been the person who ended it plenty of times.
But usually, I've only felt devastated by the end of a relationship after it has lasted years, not weeks.
Now I feel emotionally battered, confused, and second-guessing everything that led up to this moment. I was on cloud 9 a week ago, thinking I had met someone truly special who felt the same way about me. I was being pretty cautious, trying to take things at her pace and not push for a relationship before she was ready.
But after having sex for those first two times, I began to feel much closer to her and was getting to the point where I wanted to ask her to be my girlfriend. Then boom, it's all gone.
Idk y'all. It feels silly to be this upset by something that wasn't even a real relationship, but I can't deny how bad it feels.
My current plan is not to have any contact with her, and just let myself move on, but I also can't stop thinking about her. My mind keeps flashing back to moments from those dates, how happy I felt.
How do I let it go and get on with my life?
TLDR: Started dating a woman who blew me away, started catching serious feelings a little over a month in, and then she pulled the plug to focus on dating another guy. But after she broke it off she had me over to her place and was still physically affectionate with me and the whole thing has left me feeling confused and emotionally wiped out.
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2020.12.01 03:25 NameOfSprent 27 [M4F] Los Angeles/Anywhere - If laughter is the best medicine, I’m the guy with quaaludes at Outback Steakhouse

Uhh, my name is Greg. I would be your perfect date because I can take care of you intellectually AND physically, and I know all about the fax machines and the equipment in your office if it breaks. I am very experienced in lovemaking - I borrow heavily from the Latin culture. I’m an average size man, the one issue is I have very small petite feet. And uh, ya know sometimes people check to see if it’s a man or a woman walking into the room by the sound of the steps. I’ve been told I have a very feminine step lol hehehehe woaah, ohhhh, I don’t believe I said that! It is very hard for me to find shoes.
( X / 10 points)
“Only in America could you find a way, to earn a healthy buck, and still keep your attitude on self destruct”
( X / 5 points)
The Far Side, Pharcyde, and Farce Ides: How modern day segregation pushes humanity away from evolution
( X / 5 points)
Tekken 3, Soul Calibur / Sega Genesis it fuels my fire, bruh / Streets of Rage, Sonic & Knuckles / Spider man, I’m talking Crash Bandicoot / Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid / PlayStation 3, with the mod chip, PlayStation 2 all black its killer / Gameboy Color, Pokemon Arena / I love it, video games my ni**a
( X / 10 points)
( X / 5 points)
A full album >>>>>>>> singles
( X / 5 points)
Cats are objectively greater than dogs. Tigers vs wolves? Easy peezy. Jaguars vs coyotes? FREE. Cheetahs vs foxes? No contest. And obviously, 1 billion lions DESTROY 1 of every pokemon.
(Dogs are still cool too, as well as the diversity and intricacies of animal life just being dope in general)
( X / 10 points)
If the penalty for a crime is a fine, then that law only exists for the lower class. “If you find a job you love, you never work a day in your life” - There is no perfect job for me! You romanticize a career to feel better about giving your best years to wage slavery. Do not indoctrinate me into your cult of complacency old man!
(X / 10 points)
Images of cats > Teenage Stepdad, Everything is Terrible, etc > Memes without text > “relatable” memes > reusable meme templates
(X / 5 points)
Imagine like the worst day you’ve ever had. I would live that day for eternity instead of being dead for one second. Death is terrible and it’s pain and it’s meaningless. There’s nothing after, that’s the horrible thing. There’s nothing it’s just more you. You’re just trapped inside your own body and there’s nothing there. Okay bye bye. Also Sarah Squirm
( X / 10 points)
Riddles, Lateral Thinking Puzzles, and Thought Experiments: How to achieve orgasm without fiddling with your dangus
(X / 5 points)
Option Selects, okizeme, edgeguarding, cross ups, ledgetrapping, combo routes, frame traps, reactions vs reads, mixups, 50/50s, juggling, tech chasing, SHFFL, matchup experience, DI/SDI, GG’s
(X / 15 points)
And, as always, thanks for watching
( X / 5 points)
Please no anti vaxx/COVID hoax/ flat earth/ astrology & tarot / heavily religious or anything else touching on pseudoscience or Soros/Qanon levels of conspiracy. Definitely open to various viewpoints and ideologies, as well as understanding of people who might enjoy some of this for fun or in a way that’s lighthearted, but if you genuinely believe anything mentioned here we probably just won’t match well.
You do not have to smoke at all (although preferred if we could vibe together) but if you’re somehow staunchly anti weed, this ain’t the one for you.
If you are 100% set on having biological kids someday, and wouldn’t even think about fostering or adoption to give kids that already exist a loving home and family, then we fundamentally disagree on life. If you have kids already it’s no biggie to me, all I wanna do is eat Oreo cheesecake and play video games anyway so me & kids get along pretty well.
Have no hang ups on basics like race/body type/age, most important thing for me is if we can laugh and enjoy ourselves together. That said, generally prefer someone older than myself (somewhat significantly) or at the least 21+. And I’m slender myself, but big bodies are absolutely beautiful 👍🏾
Preferably at least a couple of the 10 pointers here you REALLY connect with. Anyone can say hi, but if you’re really clueless on everything I posted above, the novelty will wear off and/or I will get bored 🤷🏾‍♂️
If you are a creative/artist/musician/comedian or anything along those lines, give yourself an extra 10 points and a pat on the back. This originally said “pat on the boobs” but then I thought it’s not that funny, then I thought it’s REALLY funny, then I realized a pat on the boobs is probably more aligned with preparation for a mammogram as opposed to a congratulatory physical affirmation.
I’m just some guy here, a Jim Jangus if you will, a Quarez Handlewood perhaps, a Jarvis Jinto AND a Dinko Davis, and I miss having companionship. I’d say on a scale where 0 is anonymous sex and 100 is a committed lifelong relationship, I’m seeking something between a 40 and 60, and just open to taking things as they come. That said, I’ll always be upfront and value communication & honesty immensely, so just hope for the same from you. Maybe we can just keep each other company, share some laughs and gaming together for a bit. Maybe that bit can end up being a lot longer.
Feel free to share a pic (especially if you plan on asking me for one) but I’m in no rush for either, and greatly care more about your score out of the 100 points above.
And if it isn’t clear by now, I will almost always prefer to send you long blocks of text that ultimately say nothing, than quick lines that say nothing, but in a faster, less self masturbatory format.
Local to LA/SoCal would be super nice to legit be able to meet (following COVID safety protocols)
Why did Batman name himself Batman? I mean I get it, he was afraid of bats and wanted to beat his own fear or whatever, but like, EVERYTHING he does is bats. He’s got batarangs, the batmobile, the bat cave...sounds a lot less like someone afraid of bats, and more like someone who engages in nude horseplay in the parking lot of Arby’s at 2AM. Also, who is Arby? Is Arby a name? Are you sure someone wasn’t trying to say “Kirby” and just had food going down the wrong pipe at the moment. That’s also a fear I have deeply that there’s just food sitting next to my lungs because I done swallowed through the wrong pipe too much. Is it possible to have food inside your body that’s not directly in your digestive tract? Like just sitting around? If you are a doctor please be my friend :)
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2020.12.01 03:03 meowsawelsa Help an INFJ out guys!

So... I recently got to know an ENFP. It's really in it's early days. We met only twice, and have been talking for a few weeks. The chemistry and connection was really strong, like no other. I've never even had a connection this strong with other ENFPs. He kissed me and stuff, which I never really let happen on the first few dates. We both said we liked each other, and acknowledged that although it is premature, we do have feelings for each other that we can't explain because it was just too fast. He however, made it clear that he didn't want anything long term or committed, which I respected. I'm okay with the boundaries being set so clear that nothing will come out of this. It made sense, given how his previous relationship went (he got into it when he didn't think he was ready and it was toxic) and other things. I didn't want to pressure him into anything, because I really care for this person, and would want him in my life even just as a platonic friend. I thought after the second time we met, that will be that. He's probably going to move on and explore other options and check in every now and then. That seem like a normal friendly thing to do. He also claimed to be a bad tester. So I wasn't expecting anything from him anymore. It was bittersweet because I had fun and you know, it's regrettable. But I thought I was gonna go with the flow and just let it be.

But here's the thing. He's been texting me everyday. It feels weird, and I thought it was extremely odd. He's been sending me "good morning" texts everyday, and updates me on where he's going and things like this on his own accord. I haven't been dating awhile, but these good morning and update-like texts seem like a couple thing? I don't quite know how to reply, because it's awkward. I'm happy and appreciate that he puts in the effort to communicate and connect, but WHERE DO I PLACE THINGS? I don't want to give off a vibe where I'm disinterested, but I also don't want to give him the feeling like I expect that of him and pressure him in anyway into commitment. I don't want to scare him. The thing is, his texts also seem really quite cordial, distant and cold as compared to how he's like IRL when we talk face to face. I'm quite confused because I didn't force him to text me, it seems like he's not the most conversant and I don't know how to reply. He also comments on my IG stories quite a bit, but it's always a little distant. I'm really scared because although I do get infatuated quite easily, but this is different. I never felt this way for someone before, and add that to how fast these feelings got intense, I'm lost.

I'm quite scared because I was only able to move on and not feel sad about this because he made it clear that he didn't want anything with me, and I respected that. I built a boundary based on what he wanted, but now he seems to be blurring that own line he set for us, and himself. He did say he didn't know how to place things because it's so many things at once when we met. But in my own experience (I might be wrong), ENFPs are really in touch with themselves and know clearly what they want. So when he said he didn't want anything long term, I took it seriously and didn't doubt it at all. Now that his actions are contradictory, I find it really difficult. I understand if he still is a little touchy with me, or flirts every now and then, but texting me daily, "good morning" and telling me on his own accord that he's gonna hang out late with his mates... It's confusing. People don't do that with casual friends or non-committed dates on the regular daily basis?? Given my ENFP knowledge, y'all don't like to be tied down like that and give explanations to what y'all be doing, not if the person means very little to you, because its routine and just really too much effort. And considering he said he's a bad texter, he's already texting me more than my friends and more consistently??

I'm aware that I have feelings for this person, and it might be easy for him to lead me on. I really don't want to doubt his intentions, but I really don't want my heartbroken either. The second time we met, because I told him I might get emotionally attached if we were too touchy, he respected that and drew a line too. But these texts!!! I don't know if I'm freaking out excessively, or i'm giving myself false hope. I want some insights as to whether I am freaking out (duh, INFJ), or if he's confused and it's worth giving him time to work things out, or -gulps-, could he be leading me on intentionally. I'm really not great with grey areas. I'd rather not have hope. I can't see the situation clearly, and it's torturing me because I clearly feel very deeply for this person. He keeps drawing lines, and he muddies them himself so much. He's not asked me out since also. So... I really don't know. I can't really ask him out because I'm boring, he's super active into outdoors stuff that I don't get. My ass doesn't want rejection either. OMG. Sorry for embarrassingly freaking out my dearest enfp unicorns.

Please hit me with what y'all think. Anything is helpful, even if y'all think I'm stupid. :(
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2020.12.01 00:45 Kahiltna Axed my FWB

Sorry everyone. I just need to get this off my chest and don't have anyone to tell.
Half vent and half advice
I (32f) met this really great guy (29m) this last summer around May. We hit it off and vibed like crazy. Mental connection was there and off the charts chemistry too. Found out he's in a situationship because of Covid, which is kind of understandable. This is such a new normal we're navigating now and dating during Covid is just...hard. We decided to move forward as fwb. Sex started happening and I started to catch feelings for him. I couldn't stop those feelings from growing and let him know the sex was making me attach to him. He told me he's not ready for anything more serious and after a week or so he ghosted me only to zombie up after a month of radio silence. I wish I could say I was strong enough to say no when he popped back up, but I didn't, I let him squeeze back into my life. Today however I ended things with him. It made me cry to do it, but I know it's for the best for both of us.
Moral of this story:
-If they tell you they're not ready, listen to them and take it at face value
-While situationships are common now because of Covid and maybe there are some out there ready to move on, the vast majority are not.
-Don't forget to take your rose colored glasses off and look at your situation objectively. Look for actions, not words
I hope some of you out there learn from my mistake and have the courage to say no and hold to it. Boundaries are a good thing for not only your sanity, but for the sanity of everyone in your life.
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2020.11.30 22:37 YellowPac I (31T) might have moved too slow

Compared to others, I'd say I'm genuinely a little fast moving when it comes to connections. How I know this is the way people often respond when I hint around at a further step, like a step beyond normal friendship, with them.
There was a girl I talked to two months ago. She didn't really send vibes that she wasn't interested in me. But after a few friendly conversations, I had made 0 moves in that time. And I think she may have lost interest in me and things slowly died on their own after that, despite some rather deep conversations between us. Kind of just ghosted away, I mean.
And I now realize that it is now 2 months later and as I get back into the dating pool, I do look back and see her as a better catch than other women I've met. She was interesting and funny.
Unfortunately, I don't really have her contact info any more, nor do I think I can bring myself to say, hey... unless we bump into each other some day.
But I'm not expecting it. So I wanted to say... what should I learn from this experience, if anything? Not to take relationships fast, but also not to sit there and make 0 moves if you like someone?
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2020.11.30 18:05 ThibaultV Immortals Fenyx Rising - Review Thread

Game Information

Game Title: Immortals Fenyx Rising
Developer: Ubisoft Quebec
Publisher: Ubisoft
Review Aggregator:
OpenCritic - 80 average - 75% recommended - 92 reviews

Critic Reviews

PS: I couldn't fit all of the reviews into this thread because of Reddit's character limit. So I removed non-English reviews from this thread. Please go to OpenCritic to see all of the available reviews.
ACG - Jeremy Penter - Buy
"One of Ubisoft's most enjoyable games this year. Exploration is top notch!"
Attack of the Fanboy - Diego Perez - 4 / 5 stars
Ubisoft has a knack for creating beautiful, expansive open worlds, but none of them are as compelling to explore as Immortals Fenyx Rising. It's a sprawling, colorful playground with plenty of nooks and crannies to get lost in.
AusGamers - KostaAndreadis - 8.6 / 10
And an adventure starring a mortal out of their depth in the land of gods and monsters and thick Greek accents.
Bazimag - Sina Golabzade - Persian - 8.4 / 10
The vast number of places Immortals Fenyx Rising were taking its core ideas from, should have made it an unimaginative title but in action, it is a very good and welcoming surprise. From its revisionist take on Greek mythology to the very intricate puzzles with many, many moving parts, this is one the most fun open world games in recent years.
But Why Tho? - Kate Sanchez - 10 / 10
Immortals Fenyx Rising is a visually stunning, heartfelt, and welcoming game for everyone and easily lands the honor of being my game of the year.
CGMagazine - Preston Dozsa - 3 / 10
Immortals Fenyx Rising has a strong argument for being the nadir of open world action-adventure games.
COGconnected - Jaz Sagoo - 87 / 100
At first glance, it may seem like Immortals is a mish-mash of several games that came before but it’s from the ashes of these that Fenyx Rises. Oozing with charm, you’ll fall in love with the characterization and delivery of the narrative and want to explore every nook and cranny of the rich and diverse Grecian world.
Cerealkillerz - Nick Erlenhof - German - 7 / 10
If you are a fan of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you like riddles and don't really care about a good story and characters, you will like what the game has to offer. It's a colourful, amusing world with a lot of riddles and interesting fights packed in a comic version of greek mythology, with everything that ubisofts open worlds had to offer lately. Everyone else should wait for a sale.
Critical Hit - Brad Lang - 9 / 10
A consistently compelling progression curve, gorgeous world, and a staggering amount of fun content makes Immortals Fenyx Rising a truly fantastic game, even if it is rather derivative at times. - Dan Rizzo - 9.5 / 10
For Mythology’s legacy to be cemented, and for an impending doom to be put to rest, Immortals Fenyx Rising outperforms and outclasses many action-adventure titles released this year. With that said, Immortals Fenyx Rising is an essential for all gamers, especially those whom have brandished themselves with brand new hardware. A Game of the Year contender.
Digital Chumps - Ben Sheene - 9 / 10
Though Immortals Fenyx Rising may borrow familiar elements from other series, this new IP from Ubisoft establishes a unique identity through the lens of Greek mythology by using humor, intelligent puzzles, powerful combat, and clever world building.
Digital Trends - Tom Caswell - 4 / 5 stars
Immortals Fenyx Rising merges the best and worst of Ubisoft games with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
DualShockers - Sam Woods - 7.5 / 10
A vibrant, busy world means there's plenty of exploration in Immortals Fenyx Rising. It draws inspiration from some fantastic titles, however, at times struggles to really differentiate itself from those that have come before it.
EGM - Michael Goroff - 6 / 10
If it came out a few months ago or a few months later, Immortals Fenyx Rising might have stood out more. But the problem is that it's coming after a gauntlet of better Ubisoft products without doing much to improve upon the formula. Sometimes, it actively works against itself in what it's decided to steal from Breath of the Wild, too. However, its surprisingly engaging story and a late-game trek up a mountain save it from being entirely lost to history.
Easy Allies - Michael Damiani - 8 / 10
Immortals Fenyx Rising delivers a stylized open world odyssey that revels in its mythology.
Eurogamer - Christian Donlan - No Recommendation / Blank
This Greek myth has a few borrowings too many.
Filmweb - Anna Rogala - Polish - 7 / 10 stars
This tale about gods and monsters is a perfect example of telling Greek mythology in a right way. Such a shame that there’s to many frustrating puzzles and not enough side quest to begin with.
Gadgets 360 - Akhil Arora - 6 / 10
For all the deserved flak coming Immortals Fenyx Rising's way for delivering a brazen Zelda clone, the Ubisoft game deserves some praise for executing most of the ideas well — and even adding to them.
Game Informer - Brian Shea - 9 / 10
Rewarding exploration, satisfying combat, and imaginative puzzles converge with endearing storytelling and well-executed humor to provide an excellent open-world experience
Game Rant - Joshua Duckworth - 4 / 5 stars
Immortals Fenyx Rising is a satirical take on Greek mythology that features a gripping story mixed with familiar gameplay features.
Game Revolution - Michael Leri - 3 / 5 stars
It is not an unforgivable sin that Immortals Fenyx Rising does not live up to Breath of the Wild, a tall task that its upcoming sequel might not even be capable of doing. But it is quite disappointing that it only plays dress up with the hero’s tunic and misses what that green garment stands for. Puzzles sometimes have inventive solutions yet the good ones are drowned out by how often they repeat and how few tools Fenyx has. And the game’s colorful world isn’t a sandbox that needs exploring, but is more akin to a typical open-world map littered with repeatable, obviously marked activities. These shortcomings make it less of Ubisoft’s take on Breath of the Wild and more of a Ubisoft-branded “Breath of the Mild” that could have been so much more.
GameOnAUS - Royce Wilson - Recommended
The story is compelling enough to keep players engaged, the humour is well-pitched, and overall Immortals Fenyx Rising is a solid and enjoyable game for an oft-overlooked audience. While it’s not likely to top any Game Of The Year lists, it doesn’t have to, and as a gaming parent I’m glad to see age-appropriate adventures making an appearance for younger gamers to enjoy too.
GameSkinny - Jordan Baranowski - 8 / 10 stars
It may look like a Breath of the Wild clone, but Immortals Fenyx Rising has a lot of unique charm that makes it a must-play for fans of the genre.
GameSpew - Richard Seagrave - 8 / 10
It’s likely that those who take a chance on Immortals Fenyx Rising will be pleasantly surprised, especially once they’ve got past its opening handful of hours and developed their character a little. While it may seem a little basic at first, and players may wander into encounters that they’re really not prepared for, it soon settles down into a hugely enjoyable historical romp that is suitable for all ages and skill levels. The cutesy art style is just the icing on the cake, drawing you into a world that is charming and vibrant. With its clear Breath of the Wild inspirations, Ubisoft’s Immortals Fenyx Rising might just be the surprise hit of the year.
GameSpot - Suriel Vazquez - 7 / 10
It mostly relies on borrowed ideas, but when its snarky tone isn't getting in the way, Immortals Fenyx Rising is a solid open-world adventure.
GameXplain - GameXplain - Liked

Video Review - Quote not available

Gamerheadquarters - Jason Stettner - 8 / 10
Immortals Fenyx Rising is a great experience, though a tad repetitive and a bit of a grind at times as well. I might sound negative in what I’m describing, but this is a very full and enchanting time.
Gamers Heroes - Blaine Smith - 75 / 100
Immortals Fenyx Rising is a charming and fun adventure into Greek mythology with Ubisoft's trademark core design elements thrown in to support the experience. It is a worthwhile adventure for those looking to scratch that Breath of the Wild itch, but one that experienced Ubisoft fans may feel is a little too familiar.
GamesBeat - Mike Minotti - 4 / 5 stars
Immortals is not a masterpiece like the game that it takes so much inspiration from, but it is ambitious and impressive in its own right. It feels good to play, and it gives you a lot to play with. It won’t be the unforgettable adventure that Breath of the Wild is so for so many, but Immortals still offers a journey worth taking.
Gaming on PC - David Dominguez - 9 / 10
Immortals Fenyx Rising is a surprisingly refreshing open world adventure that is not only extremely fun to play, but also very respectful of the player’s time.
GamingBolt - Shubhankar Parijat - 7 / 10
Immortals Fenyx Rising is a decent – if flawed – debut for Ubisoft's newest IP. It's much more condensed and tightly packed than the publisher's games have been over the last decade, its world is beautiful, and exploration and traversal, in spite of some issues, are largely fun. At the same time, it also feels like a stripped back version of the games it tries to emulate, and with its technical issues, it unfortunately keeps getting in its own way.
GamingTrend - Ron Burke - 90 / 100
Immortals: Fenyx Rising is an excellent new adventure title for Ubisoft, full to bursting with genuine comedy, excellent gameplay, and devious puzzles. While there are a few technical hiccups, underutilized DualSense, and sub-30 fps Switch ports, the game is fantastic on all platforms. Come for the bizarre Greek mythology, stay for the stellar gameplay -- Immortals: Fenyx Rising is a fantastic holiday treat.
Glitched Africa - Marco Cocomello - 9 / 10
I hope everyone gets a chance to play Immortals: Fenyx Rising because there is a lot of fun to be had here. I found its world more interesting than Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla to the point where I actually wanted to go places and solve every single puzzle. Its combat is addictive and its character build system means you can approach it from so many ways. All this combines to deliver a fantastic adventure worth your time. Don’t let this game pass you by.
God is a Geek - Chris White - 9 / 10
Immortals Fenyx Rising is an excellent adventure with challenging and intricate puzzles, a wonderful combat system, and a rich world ripe for exploring. The dialogue is funny, poignant, and thrilling, with a story that explores every facet of the human condition in a way that is relatable for everyone.
Guardian - 3 / 5 stars
Ubisoft's derivative gods and monsters game has divine charm, but starts to feel like a golden cage
Hardcore Gamer - James Cunningham - 4.5 / 5
Immortals: Fenyx Rising doesn't have any right to be as good as it turned out to be.
IGN - Cam Shea - 7 / 10
With a gorgeous mythological world to fight through and explore, it's a shame Immortals Fenyx Rising's puzzles are so unremarkable.
Impulsegamer - Stephen Heller - 3 / 5
That might sound a little harsh, but in all honesty I wonder who I would recommend Immortals Fenyx Rising to. If you have children or young adults around you and you'd like to connect over a game that the whole family can play, this is definitely a safe bet. If you're not put off by the narrative that I've described here, and are looking for a decent time filler to round out your year that will put you inside a nice looking world, then yeah, this could work for you. However if you don't fit into those two groups, I think your time would be best spent playing something with a little more meaning.
Kotaku - Zack Zwiezen - Unscored
Immortals impressed me. It’s an unexpected success, blending comedy and condensed open-world gameplay into one of the most entertaining games I’ve played this year. Even if the combat lacks some variety and the main quests are a bit stale, the rest of Immortals is fantastic.
Marooners' Rock - Andrew Peggs - 9.1 / 10
Immortals Fenyx Rising provides a one-of-a-kind experience in both the Greek Mythology and Action-Adventure behind the game. If you’re looking for a unique game where you’ll be spending hours diving into Greek Mythology, Immortals Fenyx Rising is the perfect fit.
Nexus Hub - Vincent Kühl - 8 / 10
Ubisoft Quebec has lovingly crafted a game I can finally be excited about as much as the Assassin's Creed folk. If Immortals Fenyx Rising is to become a franchise for Ubisoft, they can take it in any direction with a vast amount of mythologies to explore.
Nintendo Life - Kate Gray - 7 / 10
Immortals Fenyx Rising tries to capture lightning in a bottle with its Breath of the Wild-inspired gameplay, but ends up being more of a lightning thief; it's not as nice to look at and the puzzles aren't as satisfying. Still, the combat is fun, the storytelling is excellent and, despite not being anywhere near as polished as Nintendo's 2017 effort, it certainly does a passable impression. If you crave more Zelda and don't mind the off-brand version, go for it, but if for some reason you still haven't played Breath of the Wild, then that's the game to go for.
NintendoWorldReport - Matthew Zawodniak - 6 / 10
I love the setting based in Greek mythology, and I've been enjoying the adventure almost non-stop, only ever getting bored during the icon hunt whenever I reach a new area once every couple of hours. It's a shame that Switch players will be getting such a compromised version, since I really feel like the weak port does a huge disservice to everything the game succeeds at. I think you should play Immortals: Fenyx Rising, but you should not do so on Switch if you can help it.
PC Gamer - Andy Kelly - 72 / 100
This is a fun, vibrant open world game with a great sense of humour. I just wish it felt nicer to play.
PCGamesN - Iain Harris - 7 / 10
While Ubisoft doesn't always strike the balance between Greek history and humour, Immortals Fenyx's Rising's open-world is a constant delight
PlayStation Universe - Neil Bolt - 8 / 10
With Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Ubisoft has created a refreshingly compact throwback open-world adventure that can be forgiven for its aggressive repurposing of other games best bits because it shapes them to fits its own style. The exploration is brisk and eventful, the puzzles are varied, with the right level of challenge and simplicity, and the approach to storytelling ultimately pays off. The DualSense features are a bit hit and miss, and it's not exactly the best advert for the power of PS5, but much like the game it cribs from, Immortals' qualities outshine any need for major technical showcases.
Polygon - Tyler Colp - Unscored
Maybe open-world games don't need to boast 175 hours of playtime even while torturing developers with months of crunch. Immortals, and by extension Ubisoft, isn't immune to this problem, but there are pieces here that argue for a shift in the scope of a genre that has historically been more interested in simulating the minute details of a horse's genitalia than caring for the people who worked on them. Immortals makes an impression because it's not a massive game like Assassin's Creed Valhalla, even if it benefits from the many systems and ideas that Ubisoft's open-world games have refined over the years. Its sharpest ideas have just enough time to dig in before the game smacks you back down into an experience you could have anywhere else.
PowerUp! - Leo Stevenson - 9.1 / 10
Immortals Fenyx Rising is the most successful Zelda-like since Darksiders. It uses Breath of the Wild as a base and delivers a colourful, vibrant world to discover.
Press Start - James Mitchell - 9 / 10
Immortals Fenyx Rising is an epic adventure that perfectly leverages the rich, storied history of Greek mythology with a focused and honed version of Ubisoft's now-ubiquitous open-world design. Deviating from the norm, the game's unique design and structure help Immortals be one of Ubisoft's most focused adventures and easily one of their most enjoyable yet.
Pure Xbox - PJ O'Reilly - 8 / 10
Immortals Fenyx Rising undoubtedly owes a huge debt to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, borrowing wholesale as it does from its core gameplay mechanics and narrative structure. However, what Ubisoft Quebec has come up with here also adds enough of its own spin on proceedings, with a strong personality and sense of humour sat alongside some brilliantly designed puzzles, flashy, satisfying combat and a huge world full of secrets, treasures and Ancient Greek mythology to discover. It may falter slightly in the final stretch by wrestling away player freedom and funnelling you through its overly long endgame, but this is still a hugely entertaining, technically impressive Ancient Greek romp that's well worth experiencing.
Push Square - Liam Croft - 7 / 10
While Immortals Fenyx Rising may not have too many ideas to call its own, Ubisoft has created a successful amalgamation worth checking out. Simplistic but enjoyable combat provides the basis for a stunning world full of explorative opportunities and a humorous narrative that'll have you chuckling once or twice. Just don't let anyone know what the cause was. Puzzles are definitely a source of frustration, but if you can look past them, Immortals Fenyx Rising provides a formulaic but entertaining experience.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Alice Bell - Unscored
An imaginative, fun action game that has a nice story about family and personal growth at the heart of its epic adventure, and a good sense of humour, where you turn Aphrodite from a gracious tree back into a bitchy hot girl.
Rocket Chainsaw - Andrew Cathie - 3.5 / 5 stars
Overall, Immortals Fenyx Rising is a fun, yet unexceptional experience.
Shacknews - Ozzie Mejia - 8 / 10
Ubisoft Quebec aimed high with Immortals Fenyx Rising, crafting a new hero, an epic tale filled with larger-the-life gods and terrifying monsters, and a giant island playground. It's an exciting story filled with memorable characters, even if some of the twists near the end are a bit hard to swallow. It doesn't quite pack the same punch as the studio's previous effort, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, if only because there aren't as many NPCs or other characters to play off of. For what it is, though, Immortals is a fun island getaway with simple-to-grasp combat and a lot of well thought-out puzzles. The Immortals legend isn't fully realized yet, but this is at least a good start.
Skewed & Reviewed - Gareth von Kallenbach - 4 / 5 stars
The game is a fun and immersive adventure which will provide gamers with plenty of hours of enjoyment.
Stevivor - Steve Wright - 7.5 / 10
Though it liberally borrows from Breath of the Wild, Immortals Fenyx Rising is fresh and fun, offering up an exciting new IP I hope to see more of. That said, its endgame pacing issues certainly don’t do it any favours, nor does the timing of its release.
TechRaptor - 7 / 10
Immortals: Fenyx Rising is a vast and entertaining adventure with excellent gameplay. Unfortunately, the storyline and quest system are weak and the game feels rushed. It's a fun game but one that lives in Breath of the Wild's shadow.
TheGamer - Cian Maher - 4 / 5 stars
From stoner oracles to gods who have been turned into trees, to the sheer batshittiness of its entire cast of gods and monsters, Immortals Fenyx Rising is a genuine joy to play, and a real treat for Greek mythology lovers.
TheSixthAxis - Aran Suddi - 8 / 10
Putting the obvious parallels to one side, Immortals Fenyx Rising is a thoroughly enjoyable game. The main character is very likeable, and the humour between the characters is great, while the Golden Isle looks fantastic and is filled with content without also feeling overwhelming. It takes a while for the combat to grow, and the end portion of the game drags on, but if you want a fun and compact open world game then Immortals Fenyx Rising is well worth playing.
TrueAchievements - Luke Albiges - 4 / 5 stars
Questionable writing aside, Immortals Fenyx Rising represents a strong start for Ubisoft's new IP. There's plenty more that could be done with the archives of Greek mythology left relatively untouched here — some of which will no doubt be covered in upcoming DLC — but the same format could easily be applied to other pantheons, just as Assassin's Creed uses different iconic time periods as its backdrop each instalment. Mechanics are fast, fluid, and flexible, while visuals are crisp, clean, and colourful, even if the art style might not be to everyone's tastes.
VG247 - Lauren Aitken - 4 / 5 stars
As far as next-gen titles go, Immortals Fenyx Rising is definitely one you should be adding to your list. It’s available on almost every platform – sorry, mobile gamers – and looks fantastic on the Xbox Series X, which I got to review it on. Overall, it’s a charming, cerebral and funny time-sink adventure that’ll really cheer you up and distract you if you’re having a quiet festive season this year.
Vamers - Edward Swardt - 95 / 100
Immortals Fenyx Rising is an incredible title. While the aesthetic might not be for everyone and its open-world nature will eventually become repetitive, the game is so chock-full of optional content and beautiful vistas that this eventuality will take a long time to reach. The story is wonderfully narrated and crafted to work incredibly well with the graphical design of the game too. Better still, the humorous approach to ancient Greek mythology alongside the bold and colourful aesthetic; all wonderfully complement each other in ways that only Legend of Zelda games have been capable of in the past. It is rare for any company, let alone Ubisoft, to bring out a brand-new Intellectual Property and for it to reign supreme right from the start. However, Immortal Fenyx Rising certainly manages this seemingly impossible feat with aplomb. Fenyx is a relatable character, and the incredible narration between Zeus and Prometheus are wonderfully nostalgic for any lover of Saturday Morning Cartoons. The gameplay constantly makes players want to come back for more, with countless secrets, puzzles and story elements to keep players engaged for hours and hours of enjoyment. Immortals Fenyx Rising is very near perfect, and ticks all the right boxes for a game that is gorgeous, enjoyable, addictive and highly entertaining.
Wccftech - Francesco De Meo - 8 / 10
Despite a huge lack of innovation, bearing more than a passing resemblance to Zelda: Breath of the Wild's central mechanics, Immortals: Fenyx Rising is a great open-world game featuring a light-hearted, humorous tone, great combat, tons of content, and a well-designed main quest. It's also reminiscent, in a good way, of 3D puzzle games from the PlayStation 2 and GameCube era. Sure, the game does suffer a bit from the usual Ubisoft open-world design bloat, but do not let this put you off: Fenyx's journey to save the Greek Gods and restore the world to its former beauty is one worth experiencing.
WellPlayed - Kieron Verbrugge - 9 / 10
Immortals is more than just a fun open-world with slick combat and massive Breath of the Wild vibes, it's also a superbly written and legitimately funny take on Greek mythology. This is one of Ubisoft's best games in years
Windows Central - Jennifer Locke - 4.5 / 5 stars
Ubisoft created an instant classic with Immortals Fenyx Rising, and I'm eager to see where the franchise goes from here. Its breathtaking art style and landscapes are complemented by fun combat and thoughtful puzzles. While the story itself isn't anything special, the humor imbued within each conversation makes it memorable.
Worth Playing - Chris "Atom" DeAngelus - 8 / 10
Overall, Immortals: Fenyx Rising is a good game. It's a shameless clone, but it's fun, and it's clear that Ubisoft's take on the formula was done with enthusiasm. If you were disappointed that this year's Breath of the Wild game was a Dynasty Warriors title, then Immortals might scratch that itch. It's always going to live in the shadow of the games that inspired it, but sometimes, all you want to do is climb some cliffs and slay some monsters, and Immortals provides exactly what it promises.
Xbox Achievements - Matt Lorrigan - 85 / 100
Immortals Fenyx Rising is a strange beast, then. Much of it feels very familiar, and you won’t find many things here that haven’t been done before. Yet, it manages to pull together so many different aspects with such proficiency and love for the source material that it’s impossible not to simply enjoy soaking it all up, in an adventure worthy of the Greek heroes of old.
ZTGD - Ken McKown - 9.5 / 10
Immortals Fenyx Rising is by far one of the best surprises of 2020. It shot directly up to the top of my best games of the year. I cannot express how much fun I had with this game. I kept coming back to it with tons of other titles calling for my attention. It is the best game Ubisoft has dropped this year and the promise of more DLC has me dreaming of returning to the world. With back to back excellent outings the AC Odyssey team continues to impress me. I cannot wait to see what they do after they wrap up the DLC for this game. Do not sleep on this title, it is one of the best of the year by a longshot.
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2020.11.30 17:39 onenightonlyhanash 24 [F4M] Be my psuedo-boyfriend in the real world and my fwb in my alter world

Psuedo boyfriend: a boyfriend, who is not.
Basically, i’m just really looking for intimacy. Intimacy na you’ll find in a relationship, not just sex okay, but someone you connect with and feel comfortable to be around. It’s been a stressful year already, can we just make the last month bearable?
I’m just really looking for someone who I can flirt with, DATE, and if we vibe, let’s fuck. But please emphasis on the date or sfw meet-up. Tbh, i kinda want a boyfriend already. Scary, right? So if you’re not up for it maybe i’m not your gal.
About me:
About you:
Please don’t message: - if we chatted before and passed already - if you’re above or below the age range - if you’re outside Metro Manila - if you’re just someone horny - if you’ll chat without a comprehensive intro (i.e. Hi, Hey, Hello)
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2020.11.30 13:48 TELMxWILSON Huuuuge week for Drum & Bass! We gathered over 110 new releases for your listening pleasure this week. Enjoy the music :) [+weekly updated Spotify playlist] New Music Monday! (Week 48)

Weekly updated Spotify Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass
Retroactive Spotify Playlist (1-4week old tracks) **H2L: Retroactive New DnB
Soundcloud Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Soundcloud
Youtube Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Youtube
Last Week's list

Picks Of The Week (by u/lefuniname)

1. Sound In Noise - Shapes LP [RAM Records]

Recommended if you like: Smooth, North Base, Mind Vortex
Let's start with one of the most underrated Dancefloor producers and especially DJs around: Sound In Noise.
Even though the Estonian DnB legend only started releasing as Sound In Noise around 2016, he is not a new name to the scene at all. Releases under his previous alias S.I.N date way back to 2002, his first one being an entry in the Spy Technologies compilation on the british label DSCI4. Around 2004 he and his friend Eero Mander also started the biggest DnB event series Estonia had seen during its runtime of 15 years: Sin City in Tartu. With appearances by London Elektricity, Loadstar, Lenzman and a ton of other artists that don't start with L, it wouldn't be exaggerated to say they hosted the whole European DnB scene over the years. In 2016 he rebranded himself as Sound In Noise with his first splash being his banger of a remix for TC's Have You. Very shortly after this first release he gained the attention of Andy C's RAM Records. One release on their RAM Annual 2017 compilation later and he was signed exclusively on the legendary label.
Three years later and Sound In Noise released the first of three album snippet EPs of his debut album Shapes. With each of these three to four track preview EPs the Estonian producer showed us again and again just how diverse his sound is. That's actually also what the Shapes name alludes to: the different styles and shapes that drum and bass can take and that SIN likes to play, namely Dancefloor, Neuro and Jungle.
Since most of the tracks of this massive 15-track LP were already released months ago, I will mostly focus on the newly added ones, except for one.
The first track I want to talk about is the titular Shapes, a collaboration with the Estonian vocalist Marie Vaigla. Her vocals don't just sound haunting, the lyrics actually contribute a lot to that sound too. They're based on a painting by the Estonian artist Anu Muiste called "The Change". You don't even have to look it up to see what it looks like, because that artwork is also the album cover! The artwork and thus also the lyrics' central theme are dark thoughts and times people are going through. Perfectly timed I suppose. Beside all that, it is also a great "dark" dancefloor banger of a track.
From the darker side we move on to the more hopeful shape dancefloor can take. In Nights Like These Sound In Noise shows us how well he can execute the uplifting style of DnB. The lyrics performed by Daniel Levi Viinaless, another Estonian vocalist, talk about escaping sad thoughts by remembering the better times. The better nights. Nights in which we can finally be ourselves. In normal circumstances I would praise the catchy melodies and production, but in these times its the lyrics that resonate with me the most. Man, what I would give for another Night Like These.
Okay okay, soppy time is over for now. Let's get to a straight-up banger: Touch is one of the many tunes on the album that would absolutely destroy a dancefloor. A simple melodic loop throughout most of the track that is broken up and repurposed in multiple different ways throughout gives the song a stable base around which it can cause mayhem without seeming all over the place. And oh, what a mayhem it is. So many elements of the drop take different shapes throughout that it never gets boring.
Getting to the last one for now. It's not a new one, but one I wish I could've talked about before, so I'll just do it now. I'm talkin about the wonderful Space Cadet. The combination of one of the catchiest, most uplifting melodies ever and Jon Hazel's, yet another Estonian vocalist, incredible vocals just cannot be beaten. I especially love the call-and-response between Jon's "Past the satellite" (etc.) and the drop's main melody. Gets me every time. This beautiful piece of music was honestly one of my favorite tracks of 2019 and it's probably still in my top 20 of all time.
But it's not just these four tracks. For your in-your-face dancefloor needs Sound In Noise provides you with a whole lot of options, namely Expert Killa, Magicman, Believe In Monsters, Yo, 13 and Give It All. If you are more about that fun uplifting sound there's Sugar Rush and Deep Inside, if you just want a whole lot of breaks and jungle influences you got Cowards, One By One and Duppy Bass.
All in all, a superb dancefloor album!
Other dancefloor things this week: - Millbrook, Eviya - Echoes (<3) - Toronto Is Broken, Sebotage - Gunfingers - Stonebank - Scared - Flowidus, Lee Mvtthews - Reason - Phibes - Got To See Her VIP (jump up but close enough)

2. Operate, Rizzle - Azure EP [Overview]

Recommended if you like: Alix Perez, Invadhertz, Visages
Overview does it again!
After countless of incredible releases in 2020, including but not limited to EPs from Klinical, GROUND, Waeys and Skylark, it is time for yet another banger of an EP on the UK-based independent deep drum and bass powerhouse. Seriously, Overview's quality levels have been so consistently high this year it's almost too obvious to include them here. But I'll still do it, I don't care.
This time they got the dynamic Bournemouthian duo Operate and Rizzle together for Overview's first group project EP in 2020: the Azure EP! Rizzle seems to be a big fan of blue because whenever Rizzle is involved, Overview lays off their tried-and-true moody artwork colour palette of Black, White and Purple and drizzles the EP covers with some sweet Blue shades. And now they even named their EP Azure! Groundbreaking, I know. You're getting some real hard-hitting journalistic work from me here.
The EP kicks off with the moody Think Of You. While the unique rolling drums and the room-filling bass work by themselves would already make for a great tune, the duo went one step further and worked a vocal from an old Celdweller tune ("Fadeaway" for the curious) into the mix that is just straight up lovely. There's just something about these processed vocals that producers in this subgenre use that I cannot get enough of. I'm sure the "Dejavu, Think Of You" will stay in my head for a looong time. Absolute vibe of a track.
Operate and Rizzle follow this up with Mindset featuring highly sought-after MC Rider Shafique. And yet again, he shows that this popularity is fully deserved. The instrumental is as deep and atmospheric as they come with some occassional stabs which when all combined make you feel like you are in a huge underground tunnel system. Or a cave. Doesn't matter what place exactly, as long as it is deep and dark. This is the exact vibe Rider Shafique's vocals were made for. Perfect choice of vocalist right there.
After that Operizzle takes us back to the processed vocal territory with Opposites. As mentioned above, I can't get enough of that sound so I was happy to see it coming back a second time here. Even though the vocal isn't quite as catchy as the Celdweller one, it is still vibey as hell. Compared to Think Of You the instrumental is doing more of the melodic "work" in this one, the vocal mostly comes in play during the buildups. It can also be heard during the ""drop"", but is quickly overpowered by the instrumental, almost as if it is trying to gain back control over the track. Would be a neat music video. Message me for more great ideas.
Lastly we have Toxic, which is just straight up nasty. While the other ones were more atmospheric and built up a vibe, this one goes in. Straight up bassface once that first lower than low bass kicks in. Mariana Trench vibes. My face is too busy processing the bass to come up with more words to describe this madness. Stonker of a tune.
Definitely one of Overview's best EPs of this year, and that's saying something!
Other deep/dark/techy stuff that happened this week: - Skylark - Like This / The Shadow - Levela, A Little Sound - Moving Forward - Bredren, Swift - Energy - Wingz - IDW / Rearranged
Because it kind of fits this EP too these are other great liquid things that happened this week: - Mohican Sun - God Of Ages - Leniz, Painted Skies - Without You - Laminar - Daybreak - Deadline, Eloise Keeble - Wake Up Call

3. ChaseR - Curse Death Link EP [Neuropunk Records]

Recommended if you like: Cod3x, 2Whales, Nais
ChaseR returns to Neuropunk!
After his first appearance on the label on the first entry of the Neuropunk Forge series alongside Fatloaf, Subminderz and label chiefs Gydra themselves, the Astrakhan-based producer is back in full force with his first full-length EP on the label: The Curse Death Link EP!
Disclaimer: This is a bit different from my usual reviews. More of a story. Miiight have gone a bit overboard at some parts.
Let's set the scene a bit. Our protagonist is a guitarist who just landed his first big gig. Just as he is on his way to live it up in his favorite pub, The Iron Fiddle, a street performer in a nearby alley catches his attention. Her voice, her dance, something about her just drags him towards her. His heart beats faster and faster. His inner danger radar tries to warn him, but to no avail. In a flash her facade falls, the beautiful voice turned into an ear-piercing shriek. The Dance Of Siren has trapped him.
She drags him to a dark room. Candles everywhere, strange occult symbols on the floor, piles of books all around. She starts speaking in tongues that only she understands. Suddenly, she grabs his arm. Pure agony shoots through every part of him, while she undergoes a rapid transformation. The grimace turns into a smile, the arched back and crooked teeth straighten, all of her bodily pains are transferred to him. This, is the Curse Of Death. He blacks out.
Our protagonist wakes up and stumbles his way out. As always, he greets the people on the street. Instead of greeting back, they seem to be actively avoiding him though! Confused, he continues his path home, when he catches a glance of a ghastly face in a nearby window. He slowly goes back to take a closer look at this spectre, only to find that it was a reflection. Of his own Subhuman face. Shocked, he leaps back and rushes home to hide his shame, the Siren's song echoing in his head.
Our protagonist isolates himself, turning away friends and family. His mind races: How would he be able to play at his breakthrough gig? His one chance at success? "What if... I hide my face with a hood?", he thinks to himself. "I could barely see the guitar, but what other choice do I even have?" Desperately, he decides to learn how to play blindfolded. Countless days filled with tears, sweat and blood later, he has done the impossible. Braillefunk, as he calls it, is a reality.
Showtime. He has prepared the least see-through black hood he could find and is ready to rock. Even though the crowd is sceptical at first, that quickly goes away as soon as the first note is played. A minute later they are loving it. They are even cheering for an Encore afterwards! During the crowd's endless chanting and stomping, he reflects on the last few weeks for a moment. While he has found a way to live with the isolation, life as he knows it is over. But for this brief moment, he forgets all about it. For a moment, there's just the music.
Well.. That escalated a bit. Anyway.
The Curse Death Link EP is a return to form for the man like ChaseR and I can't wait to hear more from him! If you like your neuro hard-hitting and unforgivingly raw, this will be one for you!
And one more thing: Big big thank you to Bes from Neuropunk for helping out with this review!
Other neat neurofunk things that happened this week: - Myselor - Evolution & Need (!!!! see below) - Zombie Cats - Flava (!!!!) - Rusty K - The Savage (The Clamps Remix) (!!!!) - TR Tactics - Mindgame / Beyond the Mass - Koven - Followers (A.M.C Remix) - Bytecode - Parasite EP - Shadow Sect, Loop Stepwalker - RVLTN - Various Artists - 5 Years Of Ignescent

4. Myselor - Evolution & Need [Blackout Music]

Recommended if you like: Disphonia, TR Tactics, 2Whales
Ah yes, the most hidden gem of them all, Blackout Music. What's next? Macky Gee as the hidden gem? Unsubscribe.
Okay this might seem weird, but hear me out. Yes, Myselor is my Hidden Gem Of The Week™. Yes, his double single Evolution & Need was released on the hugely popular Blackout. You know what though? He is still unknown enough for me to deserve an extra spotlight. When I first listened to the release he was still under 1000 monthly listeners on Spotify and after his excellent-but-underviewed Blackout Podcast I just needed to shout this excellent double single out here. I'm getting ahead of myself here though.
Let's take a step back. Who is this mysterious Myselor?
Myselor is a greek neurofunk producer that is currently based in Berlin. My research showed me that he is also holding an impressive rank 12120 on, which, fun fact, is an actual real site! For comparison, A.M.C is rank 6532 while I'm writing this. Not bad, Myselor, not bad. While Mr Myselor's first productions from around 2012 were mostly Glitchhop/Neurohop, he quickly pivoted to Neurofunk in the same year. He didn't completely stop producing Glitchhop, but the DnB definitely took over. The last Glitchhop release of his I could find was released in 2014. With his unique take on Neurofunk he landed releases on several big labels like Red Light Records, C4C Limited and Mainframe. But it wasn't until he participated in and won first place in Black Sun Empire's Driving Insane Remix competition that the dutch trio decided to take him under their wing.
Speaking of, let's talk about the release itself. First off we have Evolution, one of the more unique neurofunk tracks I've had the pleasure of covering. From start to finish the track goes through all kinds of changes. The first drop starts with some really great muted (for lack of a better word) drums you don't hear often in Neurofunk and a melody that is way too catchy. After a few bars Myselor changes out the snares for a more "classic" feel but keeps the rest of the rhythm going. For the third part the drums are brought back to the original version, but the underlying bass and melody switches. Phew. But that's not all. He does a similar thing for the second drop, but this time the rhythm has been switched to a 4x4 type beat. It's a whole journey. All in all, Evolution was a great name choice for this track. All throughout these changes and switchups you can here so many little things that add to the experience. The attention to detail is just great.
Secondly, there's Need. Right off the bat, Need feels a lot faster than Evolution. Less of a funk rhythm and more 16th notes. However, it has two big things in common with Evolution: the huge amount of variations and its attention to detail. Myselor seems to be going for some serious speed buildup though. With each change and variation another element gets added or switched out and with each change it feels like the velocity of the track has increased just a slight bit more. At some point he even brings in an acid-y synth that gives the part a Psytrance feel. After that the track slows down a lot though and ends with a half-time chilled second half in which the aforementioned synth is just used for melody purposes.
The more you pay attention to it, the better it gets. Did I mention that the artwork looks great too? An incredible release and hopefully not even close to the last we hear from Myselor!
Other Hidden Gems this week: - Perspective Shift - Don't Deserve EP (huge recommendation) - Kublai - Discworld / In Tandem - Jammez - Zodiac EP - Zigi SC - Outsider / Blackmailer - Art1fact, Stiff Jangle - Lightspeed - Bytecode - Parasite - Komax - Destiny EP

New Releases

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The alignments of celestial bodies broadly showcase their impact on our lives. Because somehow we all are connected with the universal energies and influence each other differently. So, our natal chart holds the record of how planetary motions put their impactful curves in our lives. It also represents how our Zodiac Sign will be affected or will be impressed by the impositions of celestial bodies. This notion vibing out that, every day and every year serves us differently. Likewise, the effects fluctuate for different Zodiac Signs as well. Herewith our Expert Astrologers at Myastron you will get all the notes of 2021 Predictions By Date Of Birth. With the accuracy of these predictions, you can unwind many upcoming facts about yourself. Get perceptions about your career, job, relationship, love life etc. These predictions will help you to stand strong in this upcoming year. Along with this, your personality trait will also get the actual identity that it was craving for since a long time. Mindful decisions and priorities will serve you miraculously with our prediction format. So, let's have a look at how bracing 2021 will be for 12 Zodiac Signs. FOR MORE DETAILS VISIT OUR WEBSITE :
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2020.11.30 10:09 keelans_on_instagram THE DEVILS CAVE (please upvote!)

Story Submission-The Devils Cave
The Devils Cave is located in Milltown, Indiana.
My name is Keelan btw
So I started dating this girl from Corydon, Indiana which is about 25 min away from this cave. I grew up in Jeffersonville, which is about 45 minutes away from there. You could say that Jeffersonville is more of a bigger city lifestyle, and Corydon & Milltown are country. So people around my area never really got into things that happened around there. The first time I went to her house to hangout, we had a group over. This group consisted of 1 other guy, and 3 other girls (not including me and my gf) We started the day off by just watching tv and smoking when the other guy named Kayden suggested that we go to the Devils Cave. None of us have ever heard of it besides him.
I had never heard of the Devils Cave, and when I asked what it was, he responded with saying it was just a cave that is fun to explore. Me not wanting to seem like a buzz kill, i was agreed that it seemed fun and would not mind going. As we all get ready and head out, my gf and 2 of the girls were in my car, and about halfway there , my gf and her friends say that they have a bad feeling about going here and that we should just turn around. I reassure them that its just a cave and the only thing that could be in there is some bats.
Well when we are about 10 minutes away, they start googling the cave, and they come across a little unprofessionally made website about the cave.(i will post link at the end) And they start reading about how on Halloween in 1969, a group of 10 teens went to this cave for fun and the police found them all dead 2 weeks after they went missing. They were all stabbed to death. This kind of made me feel a tiny bit hesitant on going, but this was so long ago, and I was invested in going, i was not going to turn around for nothing. She continues to read on about how exactly 10 years later on Halloween, a family- a mother, father, and 2 small children got stranded on the road, and went to the cave for some warmth, and police statements said that they were found with a total of 1490 stab sounds in their head, neck, and torsos.
You would think only a couple things like this would happen in such a unpopular place. i mean not a lot of people know about this place at all. And the website had pictures of the inside, and also stated that over the years, the cops of drug out over 30 dead goats, dogs, and cats used for sacrifices.The next incident would be nearly 20 years later on December 1998. Where a man was found with his chest completely ripped open and his heart was missing. And EVERY single one of the murder victims were all found is this room in the cave called the Murder Room. When she told me this, my heart sank and i instantly regretted coming, but me being stubborn and having toxic masculinity, I didnt wanna seem scared so I urged them to come anyway.
I told them, “if a person was in here, we could definitely take them on.” I mean 1v6 should be easy. No worries. But I should add that finding the entrance to the cave is EXTREMLY difficult because there are many entrances, but all but 1 requires you to scale the side of the cave to enter through a small hole in the cave. U have to park ur car in this tiny gravel area about 5 min from the entrance, and walk the side of the road until you find the certain overgrowth that u cut through and it leads to the easiest entrance to get into the cave. When parking there, you must turn your lights off because it is illegal to go because of all the killings that occurred. So if when you are walking, a car drives on this road, you have to jump off the side of the road and lay down.
We eventually got to the entrance and slowly but surely climbed over this combination or rock and sticks to enter the cave. When we got there, it was pitch black in the cave, the only way you can see is with light from your phone. We all turned our lights on and started walking into this cave. At first, it just seemed like how you would imagine a cave to be, nothing out of the normal. We walked probably 20 minutes straight into the cave before we were met with a blockage that required us to either go right or left. We decided to just go left and keep on moving. As we keep walking, we seen a light up a head, and we all just stopped in our tracks, because why would another person be at this cave that is not widely known whatsoever, and even then, its well past midnight. It just gave us weird vibes, so me and Kayden told them to be quiet so that we could yell over and get their attention. So we started yelling, “hello” “whos there” etc. We never heard a response so we slowly just walked to this dim light up ahead. As we are approaching, we see that it is not a light from a phone, but a singular candle just lit in the middle of this path in the cave. When we make this realization, the girls run about 20 feet back assuming we are gonna run with them all the way to the exit. When they realize me and Kayden stayed, the stopped because ultimately, we were both the drivers, and running without us would be pointless.
At this point we are all scared, but still havent seen anything too scary or unusual to make us leave just yet. So we continue that way past the candle, and we are met with another blockage that makes us choose between going left or right, but this time, there is way more options, like we could go 6 different ways. We decide to just go through the one closest ahead of us and not all the way to one side. As we are walking, we come across a yarn string on the ground which we pick up and follow. (I might add that the cave is connected to a abandoned quarry, so there is bodies of water in the cave if you go to certain spots) and we grabbed this string and followed it through the cave. We didnt notice, but the string was going in many different directions and we lost track of where we were because we were so focused on the string. After about 10 minutes of following the string, it led into a body of water. So it was going into the water.
Me and Kayden pulled on it, and we could feel like we were moving it a little bit, but couldn’t straight up pull it out of the water. We didnt know how deep it was, so we found a nearby stick that was probably around 5-6 feet long and went to the water and stuck it into the water to see how deep it was, and the entire stick went into the water and we couldnt feel the bottom so we assumed it was probably around 8-10 feet deep atleast. After spooking ourselves out, we turned around pretty fast and went a different direction. After walking another 10-15 minutes, we come to this wall that has a tunnell in the middle of it that led to a room. I would say around 10 feet wife and 3 feet from the ground. The girls were set on not going through the hole, and that they would wait for us if we wanted to go through and see what was back there. We tell them we will be back and do not move from the entrance, no matter what. They agree and me and Kayden start crawling through this hole in the wall. It was about a 15-20 second crawl, it wasnt far at all, and we get there and we are creeped out to the max. There was absurd things spray painted on the walls like, “the devil is watching” and “all hope abandoned ye who enter here” and i remember watching a movie called “as above, so below” and that quote was in there and they explained it as what was written on the gates of hell. And me and Kayden are visably spooked, but we still continue to walk deeper into this room/area the tunnel led. And as we are walking further, we look at the ground and see spray painted arrows, and they were new, like 5 minutes ago new, and we hesitated, but ultimately kept walking. As we continue through this scary room, we hear footsteps, and we freeze, and listen. This is a cave, so its very quiet, and we can hear everything.
We tell ourselves that its our mind and dont pay it no mind. But when we turn the corner and leave the room that leads us to another section of the cave, we look at the floor for more arrows, and see a red substance on the floor, and it looks thick and dark, we look at each other and without saying a word, we run back through the room, crawl through the hole as fast as we can. And we are thinking the girls are gonna be on the other side when we get out, but they arent. We panic and look at each other because we straight up told them. “DO NOT LEAVE FROM THE ENTRANCE NO MATTER WHAT” and seeing that they are gone, we knew something was wrong. We take off with a fast jog in the direction we think we came not exactly knowing where we are at, and as we are jogging, we are yelling their names out then listening for a response.”
After about 5 minutes, we hear a voice back that says “KEELAN!” and we follow it again, and we scream their names out again, and again we hear a response. “KEELAN!” but this time its in a completely different direction, so we stop moving, and we listen, and all of a sudden, we hear fast footsteps behind us, it ends up being the girls. And we take off in the other direction and after a various amounts of turns that we just guessed at, we find the entrance and jet to the car. When we get in there and drive off it is completely silent for the first 5 minutes. Once we get to the nearest gas station, we park both the cars and talk about what happened.
We started by telling them what we saw, and that after that, we were ready to leave, and after, we started asking why in the world would you all leave from the spot we told yall to stay at, and they said, they looked around and thought they seen a type of movement from the background, and they flinched when they did, and it scared them even more when they flinched so they took off. And then i mentioned that when we were running and they were calling my name out, the first voice was in a completely different direction then when i heard it the 2nd time, and they froze, and looked at me weird and said. “Keelan, we only said your name one time” And when they said it, my heart dropped because me and Kayden clearly heard it 2x, and they were in complete different directions. We all decided to never go back, and dont speak about what we saw.
When we piece it all together, that we found a string that was clearly being held down by something in the water, the fresh substance that clearly looked like blood, and then the two separate directions that called my name. Something was not right that night, and we could have easily been added to the list of stories on the website.
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2020.11.30 08:12 GalcomMadwell I feel unusually heartbroken from something that was short-lived.

A bit of backstory.
I was in a tumultuous and toxic relationship with an alcoholic woman for three years. That chapter of my life is its own can of worms, but long story short, I finally realized that I was equally responsible for keeping the relationship alive. Once I allowed myself to admit my role in the relationship, it was very clear that I just needed to walk away for both of our well-being. It was not an easy breakup, but at that point, I was so emotionally battered that I mostly felt relief that my life was no longer in constant chaos. I was depressed for a solid two weeks, but it was easy to remind myself of all the negative aspects of the relationship and begin the process of moving on. I loved that woman despite all of our problems, but the breakup proved to be relatively easy compared to how difficult the relationship itself was.
In the time since, I've been in a few short relationships. In two of them, I realized I didn't feel as strongly about them as they did about me. The breakups were pretty amicable, though you never know how the other party is really feeling as they come to terms with it in their own way. The other one didn't work out due to religious reasons - as in she wanted to be with a Christian and I am not religious at all. That one was a bit tougher, because I liked her a lot, but in the end it had nothing to do with me as a person and so I was able to recover pretty quickly.
Throughout all of it, I found I missed my alcoholic ex more than anyone new that I had met. It was frustrating, to say the least. She would crop up in my mind all the time, even though I had completely disconnected from all her social media and blocked her number. The problem was that memories with her were everywhere. I live in a pretty small town, and I met her the week I moved here, so pretty much everywhere in the city reminded me of her. At some points during that time I considered moving because it seemed like I couldn't escape her "ghost."
I took a break from dating for a couple of months after that. I felt burned out. I had a couple one night stands here and there, which I thought would be fun, but just left me feeling lonely.
That's when I met this girl. We hit it off right off the bat. She was stunningly beautiful, in a way that I definitely can't do justice here. Honestly, I feel like she is one of the most beautiful people I've ever met. And her personality was even more beautiful - effervescent and light and funny as hell. Probably not a good Idea to gush about how much I like this woman at this point, but oh well.
We also had instant chemistry. We spent the entire first date laughing our asses off, and wound up hanging out all night and closed down the bar we wound up at.
Every date went pretty much like that. We'd see each other maybe once a week and have a wonderful time. When we weren't laughing we were making out. We always wound up staying out as long as possible before she needed to go home to get some sleep before work.
She began telling me how much she liked me and how connected she felt to me even though we'd only known each other a short time. But at one point she also made it clear that she wanted to be single right now, and was going on dates with other people.
Despite that, I let myself start catching some serious feelings for her. I felt butterflies in a way that I hadn't felt in a lonnnng time. Maybe even moreso than when I first met my alcoholic ex.
After a few weeks of that, we wound up taking a day trip to a nearby town. It was yet another fantastic time together, and we wound up driving back to my place and hooked up for the first time. Afterwards, she kinda randomly offered that she wasn't sleeping with anyone else that she was seeing. I cautiously took that as a hopeful sign we might be headed towards a relationship.
A few days later, she invited me to come check out her new apartment. She had just picked up the keys that day, and she told me I was the first person to set foot inside it besides her. We wound up spending the entire night together, picked up take out, and watched a movie on her laptop in the empty living room. We hooked up again after that. Afterward, she told me she liked me so much and could see this progressing really quickly.
She texted me the next day, and it was her usual bubbly and affectionate texts saying what a nice time she had, etc. But then pretty much right after that, I sensed a big shift in the vibe. She started going days without texting, and when she did she made no mention of plans or anything. Up until that point we had mostly only texted to make plans.
Eventually, the other day, she texted me to say that she had gotten to the point where she couldn't date multiple people at once. She needed to focus on just one person, and she had met someone that she felt she needed to pursue. She reiterated how much she liked me and she was so sorry and so sad to do this.
I called her and asked if we could meet in person to talk about it rather than texting and she said yes and invited me over to her place.
When I met up with her, she immediately hugged me and kissed me. (Confusing!) We talked it out for about an hour, and then after a brief lull in the conversation we just went straight back to joking and cuddling and making out. (Very confusing!) Eventually, it started to get late and the subject shifted back to the matter at hand.
She had been seeing this guy since before she met me, but she said they hadn't slept together. Apparently, there is a religious element to it. She wants to be with someone who believes in Jesus as much or more than she does. I am not that. But still, she told me all this while holding my hand, leaning against me, and kissing me.
I left feeling confused. Aside from the breakup texts, and parts of that last conversation, there hadn't been a single bad moment in our time together. It felt like we spent every moment together laughing. There was no awkwardness, there were no games, it just felt good to be around each other.
By the second time we hooked up, I had really started to fall for her. And then it all abruptly changed. There was another guy, and she was choosing him over me. It's that simple.
On one hand, I'm grateful I got those experiences with her. On the other hand, I feel like I got my heart ripped out. We weren't even a couple, but I had definitely felt like it might be heading that way.
It's hard to have had an experience that felt so good from start to finish, and then have it end so abruptly. And then at the end, she is basically still showing me tons of affection and telling me how much she likes me and could see us falling for each other, that she wished she had met me at a different time.
Maybe it comes down to the religion thing, maybe I'm just telling myself that to feel better. Either way, I have never felt this devastated by something that only lasted around a month. Emotional whiplash feels like the right term.
And I'm left feeling both optimistic and downtrodden. Optimistic because she showed me that this sort of feeling is still possible. That I can have the good aspects of a relationship without the alcoholism and emotional abuse. That it can just be good. On the other hand, it was such an abrupt and confusing rejection that my emotions feel like a 15 car pileup.
Maybe I just need to move out of the South to somewhere with less Christians per capita.
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2020.11.30 01:53 watermermaidpisces Either everything was really my fault or I was dating a narcissist.

I understand that having BPD, not just for myself but for everyone, is an extremely hard thing to deal with and to cope with. I know we act out way more than normally, and tend to overreact in certain situations whereas most normal people would not. With that being said, though, I do think we are all a little hard on ourselves as times. I don't think everything is just "our fault" you know? But we seem to think it is because we deal with this sick mental illness one way or another when something goes wrong in our lives everything just HAS to be our fault right? no. wrong. Everything is not our fault.
I started dating this guy at the beginning of July. Everything started out perfect, as usual. That's how it goes for any relationship. I really thought this guy was safe for me though, which usually I don't always feel towards people right off the bat.
We broke up yesterday. I know that most of the things that went wrong in the relationship were my fault, because of the way I responded to things. And I did seek assurance from him a lot. But, I don't think everything was my fault.
For starters, when I care about someone I care very intensely. My emotions are very meaningful. And I actually never expect someone to give me the same amount of care in return because nobody can care as loving, as intensely, as those of us with BPD. Nobody. I understand that though. Of course it would be nice to find someone to match that, but not always likely. Just the truth.
Anything that went wrong in our relationship had to be my fault, nothing could ever be his. Ever. Twice I cried in front of him and he barely showed any emotion, but instead laughed at the stupidity. Which really put me down that he laughed in my face. I am quiet BPD. I show hardly any emotion towards most people, but this person I really opened up to. I shared a lot of dark things with him that I haven't shared with most people, other than my mom, sister, and two closest friends. So, of course that really made me feel bad.
Also, he did something nice for me maybe twice. I was always very caring towards him and almost tending to his every need as it is. I was always the one to pay for food, I would even pay for things for his home as well (I was aware that he did not make as much as I did so this did not bother me, when I cared about someone I got you...) and the most he did for me was basically buy me ice cream one time because he was already having to pay for his friends food because his friend was venmoing him so he was just like "this ones on me" lol... ok. But still, not a problem. When I care about someone so deeply nothing like that matters.
And like I said, on top of that. Everything was always my fault. For ex: just the other day he called me when he was riding the bus back from campus. I was not in a bad mood but apparently to him I was so he abruptly hung up the call telling me to text him back when I was in a better mood. I was never in a bad one, but of course this gave me a bad start to my day. He ended up texting me saying he was "sorry" for whatever he did. But then still, that situation was my fault, not his because of the "energy" I was giving off. I was acting the exact same way I always do, I'm very aware of it so I'm not sure how he even got this vibe. It sounded more like he was the one in a bad mood but wanted to blame it on me.
Then, not even 30 minutes after that he facetimed me showing me a present his friend had just gotten him. This present was the exact same thing I had gotten him, and he knew I had gotten it for him for Christmas. I even facetimed him the night before and he told me how much he liked it. But, this one his friend had gotten him was bigger and basically better. And he was even talking about it and saying that in the facetime call which really hurt my feelings. Because he knew I had already paid for his, but yet his friend had given him that one for free and he took it knowingly he had basically the same thing for me. My question is, why could he not have just told his friend he already had one since really his friend was just offering it to him "if he wanted it" because it was for free? It hurt my feelings. And to make matters worse for me, emotional wise, he went on to say that if I couldn't RETURN the gift I had gotten him, he would just give that one away... lol. :) ..... of course this really did hurt my feelings, I felt very underappreciated. And always did by him. I told him how I felt about it, and once again he completely disregarded my feelings saying how I shouldn't be causing a problem over that. I wasn't even causing a problem, I very briefly communicated with him and told him how I felt.
And then on thanksgiving night, I had texted him and asked him a question. He didn't respond for an hour, which actually things like that don't really bother me as much. But what did bother me was even though he hadn't been talking to me for (now almost two hours) I sent him a cute snapchat and he left me on open, meanwhile not texting me back to the question I had asked. This actually really did upset me, and I was already on edge about everything and feeling underappreciated by recent situations. So I did text him saying "No response? I texted you almost two hours ago, but you can open my snap I just sent but not text me back...? OK, I admit. This was childish of me, but I was already on edge. I know, though.... I know.
Well, this just sent him overboard. He immediately texted back saying "what the absolute f*ck is your problem?? I just got my phone to charge." following with "got d*mn dude" following with ..
"You are a problem actually"
which of course, really hurt my feelings. It would hurt anyones feelings most likely but especially those of us with BPD... Because we do always feel that way anyways.
I reacted calmly to it and just stated that I was just confused about the timing of the texting vs him opening my snap, ect. all that. He never texted back that night, and didn't even say goodnight. He texted me the following morning saying how he just felt like I had lied to him or something.
Which, I have never gotten upset/said anything to him before when he has taken a while to respond. The only reason I did that time was due to the situation, it kinda confused me. But I do understand the way I responded to it was childish.
Everything was fine Friday between us after that, but honestly I was already kind of done. He made me feel really lonely in the relationship and I was already thinking about ending things myself, but it's the fear of feeling abandoned that makes that so hard for me to do, so at the same time I would have preferred to work through things. But I knew the break up was coming though, my dreams never lie to me, and Thursday night I had a dream of us breaking up very soon, just didn't know when. My dreams never lie. Ever, crazy. But true.
I'm doing very good though, I'm not sad about losing him at all, I did cry a little and do feel a little hurt but it's not because I miss him or want him back- I don't. It's the "always feeling abandoned no matter how hard I try or care feeling" for me :) lol. Also along with really opening up and giving my all to someone who most likely just used me. It's a good thing we broke up because I have actual plans for my life. Real life plans. He doesn't. All he seems to like to do is smoke weed every day, and he doesn't want to work/doesn't believe in working because he talks about "Babylon" and how we are all under control. Which, he isn't wrong there- but still. The only way to really get through life and live a good life, without ending up homeless/on the streets/couch surfing is by working for what you want. I mean, yeah he has a job now but he doesn't want it forever. Doesn't have any goals, and doesn't care to.
I can't be with someone like that. It just felt like he was sucking the life out of me and weighing me down, he always made me feel stupid. We did have a great mental connection though, and we had really amazing days when we were best friends. But I'm just done. I have him blocked on everything, he's about three hours away from me right now because he's at home for the holidays. But I really feel like when he gets back, he's going to wish I was still there. I mean, all I ever did was good for him? And I also know I was the best he ever had when it came to s*x. He could never last more than 5 seconds. (I'm serious, I'm not joking.) But oh well, when he wants me I won't be there. :) sorry, should have cared beforehand. I'm also not about to be that girl you break up with when you go back to your hometown, so you can do whatever you want, but then come back here and get back with me. absolutely not. sucks for him, I may have a mental illness, but when it comes to a relationship I give out loyalty and care like no other. Like I said, nobody can care as much as us BPD friends do. :)
Back to the work thing though, I really have always found it weird that we are forced to live on a planet, we were given no choice or anything. But yet, we have to make it by, have to pay to live here, ect. I've always found it weird. And if you think about it, there is no such thing as free will. Because when you are "given a choice" you are only given a choice based on the few things you have to choose from. That's not really a "free will" to me, idk. I'm just ranting now I guess.
Anyways, let me know what you guys think.
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